Our Diamond Jubilee Picnic Menu

No, just to make sure you know, we have NOT been doing this for 60 years!

Now I’ve never considered myself overwhelmingly patriotic… I wont be getting the Queen Diamond Jubilee tattooed anywhere any time soon… however, this is a great opportunity to make use of some local resources, especially as everyone is a wee bit Jubilee mad at the moment.

Monday 4th is the great Jubilee picnic/ street party event at our local Kirkleatham Museum. So… naturally I’m not going to pass up the chance of (a) getting the family out of the house this half term and (b) having an excuse to show off try out some picnic nibbles 1940’s style. WELL WHY NOT!!!!

All to be washed down with cold lemonade and of course hot tea. Nothing on the menu is particularly difficult in any way, but are good staple favourites of most people including us.

The one thing I dont want happening on the day is a full basket of picnic goodies and nothing the kids will eat… because we all know buying food while out and about can cost. (reference there to our recent £30 worth of sausage/ fish & chips bought the other weekend…..should have received shares for that price)

Depending on how rushed we all are, I may make the ‘Lemonade’ myself with a great recipe Ive been dying to try (obviously not with lemons because that would be predictable and boring)…..if not Aldi does a gorgeous and subtle lemonade in a glass bottle that we all love. (also available as pink lemonade)

Call me a snob, but Im taking my own tea….. Im not drinking vending machine tea for anyone…. Im packing my thermos…. have Assam will travel!

All recipes not already on the website will be blogged… fear not.

What are you doing to celebrate the Jubilee?


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