Our Jubilee Picnic Day out

Master N thought he’s taste test some of the picnic before we went out…. just incase.

Well, todays weather was a bit mix and match….. glorious sunshine….. wet muddy grass and winds straight of the North pole. Still the rationers were not put off…. have picnic shall travel. [CLICK HERE FOR JUBILEE MENU]

Here are the links to some of the menu items… Sausage rolls, jam tarts, ginger & date cake and the 1 egg sponge recipe I used to make the butterfly cakes. Plus if youre looking for a topping recipe… heres our recipe for mock cream. This was so easy and quick to do… some of the recipes like the ginger & date cake, sausage rolls and jam tarts we made the night before. This is a great bulk/ economic way to make the weeks baked goods… however, in this case they’ve all been eaten…. We’ll put it down to Jubilee excitement…. MrC and I have even opened a bottle of cider in celebration (whooooop arent we the rebels…. well it beats lemonade and tea).

All that glitter and me without my bagless vacuum! tsk.

The kids, as usual, enjoyed the crafting tent (sooooo much gliiiittttterrrr) , as well as meeting the ‘royal family’

This was one excurtion I didnt mind paying out for (only a few pound to cover the cost of the crafts… between 50p and £3.50 each), the kids came home covered in chocolate, paint and smiles…. plus with some one-of-a-kind Diamond Jubilee themed crafts, because logically, how often are we all going to witness one of those.

We just couldnt shift the jubilee spirit when we got home, so up went the bunting and out came the paper crowns…. pork and beans all round for dinner.

How are you celebrating the Jubilee?

Master N was excited about the new camera, so excited he thought he’d give his opinion on the experiment. He’s asked that it become a regular feature.


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