Heres to the Half term Holiday Menu….. and all who sail in her!

This summer seems to have so much going on, if it isnt the Jubilee its the Olympics, English rugby teams tour of South Africa (not sure who Im rooting for yet), our local half marathon (not enough time to prep for this years but definitely doing next years!), all sorts of local events, from farmers markets and car rally to local theatre groups (Julius caesar), folk nights and a delayed school Jubilee picnic in July (friday 13th…ouch).

Thats just a vague wafting over of our social events calendar for the coming summer, but theres oodles more (yes I said oodles) on. I’m waiting for all the vintage fairs to really kick off, we’ve had a few but the weather was appalling.

In summers before I hadn’t realised quite how much free and relatively free entertainment there was locally… You end up taking the kids out for a £40 fish and chip lunch in desperation when there is plenty are to entertain and amuse.

Aaaaaanyhow, this week theres a fair bit of baking so we bought in a couple of bags of flour… with it being half term holidays (1 week), the kids seem to get hungrier than usual… and so a little make, bake, and store may be in order. Some of the recipes have been chosen specifically because they wont all disappear in one sitting and can be snacked on through out the week. The only concern I have is that we MUST be conscientious with our eggs this week…. or we’ll run out, so quite often more modern recipes for cakes will be halved so that only 1 egg is used etc.

[AMENDED 6TH JUNE – due to what was wednesdays rabbit not playing nice…. as you may notice below Ive shifted all the meals after Tuesday down one and put mondays rissoles and pud on wednesday evening]


Lunch: leftover sausage rolls etc from yesterdays picnic

Evening meal: Ham and cheese toasties (weirdly a favourite here)

Afters: Iced buns


Lunch: Probably cheese/ jam sandwiches

Evening meals: Corned beef rissoles

Afters: Ginger sponge parkin


Lunch: Beans on toast

Evening meal: Rabbit pie (loads of left over rabbit from last week, we only used half for rabbit stew)

Afters: Summer berry crumble cake


Lunch: Potato scones and baked beans

Evening meal: Minced beef and dumplings (and an assortment of seasonal veg)

Afters: Apple and cinnamon cake


Lunch: eggy bread

Evening meal: Sausage burgers

Afters: individual strawberry cheesecakes – rationing style


Lunch: Sandwiches… probably jam, as everything else will be a little short (GONE) by this time in the week.

Evening meal: Beef stew and yorkshire puddings (and a range of seasonal veg)

Afters: Old English cider cake


Lunch: Mr and Mrs C… veg soup as kids will be at school (eating cooked school dinners)

Evening meal: Bacon and veg pasties

Afters: Welsh teisen lap


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