Fish Pie and seasonal veggies

Because its Friday and I’m boring traditional we went for a fish dish….. fish pie… easy, quick, economical and versatile enough to cater to taste…. for example MrC (who made the fish pie while I played with puddings),could have added more herbs/ mustard etc but we had to remember that even with Our looove of food, our kids were born liking blander foods (are they ours I ask myself? weird).


  • White fish (we used a whole bag of frozen cod….. because its cheaper than the local fishmonger), cooked
  • cooked and mashed potato
  • fresh parsley
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • white sauce made with 425ml milk, heat in pan and add 20g flour and 40g of butter… keep stirring/ whisking until all the lumps are gone… if it doesnt thicken gradually add some cheese or a little more flour.


  1. With your white sauce simmering and now thickening add the fresh parsley (chopped) and the mustard. The mustard is to taste, so you can add more or add less as you prefer.
  2. Add the fish, broken up, and stir in well
  3. pour into oven proof dish and add the cooked mash potato
  4. Cook on Gas Mark 5 for 25 to 30 minutes until top begins to brown.
  5. serve with loads of looovely seasonal veg.

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