Individual strawberry cheese cakes…. otherwise entitled – Plan B

This was an easy recipe to begin with… a wartime friendly cheesecake-esk recipe… in individual ramekins which encourages mental images of sinking a spoon into a cream filled tub in front of a roaring fire… no? just me then? #AWKWARD

Anyhoo the plan was a wartime shortbread base [click here for recipe] , with a mock cream [click here for recipe] and strawberries (or really any berries/ fruit) on top. Not diet food but cheap, easy and cheerful.

However… the best laid plans of men and mice….etc etc… the shortbread didnt quite work out….. I made it a wee bit thin and it turned out like cake flavoured concrete.

Luckily, MrC had brought home some chocolate muffins (naughty naughty) on sale (ASDA 4pack)… so we addapted the recipe.

This makes it all even easier as there is now no baking…. something fun for the kids to try in the holidays (only 5 weeks away – where does the time go?).

I cut off the mushroom like top and 1/3 of the cake (kiddies ate these while MrC and I did dinner and afters) and placed the bottoms in the ramekins.

Four muffiny cakes later, we plopped the mock cream on top (notice I left a gap between the top of the cake and the top of the ramekin…. cream space). On top of this we placed the strawberries – local, and so sweet.

MrC had also saved a couple of little blocks of chocolate from his sweet ration, which we grated over the top…. and voila! They were then placed in the fridge to cool while we ate our dinner.

Just a quickie not on the Mock cream……. remember to beat it to within an inch of its life…. like whipping up most creams you should be able to hold up a spoonful and it not run off.

The image opposite is of MrC’s masterful whipping of the mock cream….. and our dinner (Shepard’s pie) waiting for the potatoes to boil.

They were gorgeous, REALLY easy and fun to make with kids, If youre really feeling adventurous you can try the 1 egg sponge recipe underneath (even better if you have oven proof ramekins) or use the shortbread recipe…….ummm, but next time…. dont try and cook short bread thinly in a large cake pan!



2 responses to “Individual strawberry cheese cakes…. otherwise entitled – Plan B

  1. Oh dear, I went wrong with the mock cream somehow. It just would NOT whip. [And then I found my edition of the M Patten victory cookbook, which has a different recipe for it involving cornflour] Then I realised I had been using soya marg and wonder if that makes a difference.
    Do you beat with any electric tools or just the wooden spoon??

    The real clincher to my disaster was when I spooned the cream onto my dishes of stewed rhubarb, which hadn’t cooled enough. The cream sort of separated. bob asked “What fish is this, darling?” – because it somehow looked alarmingly like Cod in Butter Sauce!!

    I shall try again. I will not be beaten [but the cream certainly will]

    blessings xx

    • the mock cream recipe we use regularly (Marguerite has a few through out her books) starts of quite grainy… it needs a lot of mixing… for which I employ MrC and his favourite wooden spoon. Im not sure that the type of marg would make a lot of difference to the consistency, how ever oilier margarines may take more beating. Its like whipping double cream until its solid… all of a sudden it just begins to turn.

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