My new website/ blog crush…

My new FAVOURITE site at the moment is LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE    . It has food plans and menu planning help, food waste facts and how you can save… everything from money saving recipes to how to store food, bought and leftover.

The average family throws away £50 of good food every month…. a frightening fact from the website and although we’ve DRAMATICALLY reduced our food waste, Im always looking for ways to cut down on our waste in general and get more out of what we buy. <—- I’ve just thought to myself EEEk I could get almost 2 weeks groceries with that.——

The website is great because as well as recipes and what you can/ cant store in a fridge it also clears up all sorts of things and bits we need to know to keep healthy and avoid waste…. like what to the dates on your food mean? Its easy to get muddled and throw stuff out that you could have kept and eaten still.

Did you know it was food safety week June 11th to June 17th….ummm …. neither did I… but this is actually a topic we should all be aware of.

 “17% of us throw bakery items away because they are out of date, while 13% of us throw away yoghurt and 12% milk for the same reason… but these can all be frozen before reaching the use by date.

Most of us know what the ‘best before’ date means, but just 35% know what the ‘use by’ date means.”

Frugality and saving money when buying your food is one way you can save… but saving at the other end of it all, ie: left overs and storage will mean youre getting the most for your money… leftovers make a great lunch.



  • dont just plan your shopping list…. plan your meals for the week aswell
  • check out whats in your cupboards/ fridge and freezer before you make up your list/ meal plan….. you may be about to plan around those items and use them before they go off/ reach use by date


  • Dont shop while hungry
  • check ‘use by dates’ when buying food…. the ‘display by’ or ‘sell by’ dates are for the shop staff and dont affect the taste or quality of the food
  • Dont be fooled by BOGOF offers ( Buy One Get One Free)…. you often dont need both of that item and the food just goes to waste… wasteful and costly.
  • If the product is something you will use, try to get items you can store or freeze….. bread can be frozen… quite often I can get loaves for 15p in the shops so I buy 2 and freeze one.


  • Todays dinner is tomorrows lunch
  • cool your leftovers as soon as possible and freeze (DONT PUT HOT/ WARM FOOD IN THE FRIDGE OR FREEZER EVER!!!!!) … dividing it up into smaller portions can help finding storage space as well as making it easier to defrost and pop on a potato/ slice of toast etc etc
  • reuse leftovers in the fridge within 2 days and reheat until piping hot
  • NEVER reheat leftovers more than ONCE
  • ALWAYS defrost leftovers COMPLETELY

Free family meal planner from 


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