Summer Berry Crumble Cake

This recipe was inspired by Frugal Feeding’s Blueberry and Lemon Crumble cake and I must admit it looks gorgeous… our rather strange war time equivalent was not as successful….. Im not blaming the 1940’s alterations…. more our ‘in a hurry’ execution of the recipe.

Firstly we used the 1 egg sponge recipe to make the base…. which worked a little too well. The sponge mix was designed to make a small (ish) cake with few rations… This beast rose so well it risen above the sides of my little tin…. which it wasnt supposed to. It was supposed to rise a bit and leave space for the crumble. It had other plans obviously. In theory its supposed to back for about half to 2/3 of the usual time and be removed to add the crumble mix on top….. while wiping up little miss E’s snack off the livingroom floor…. I left it in for the whole 20 minutes.

In fairness it worked out beautifully as a sponge. #cheesygrin

Next I had the ‘bright’ idea of adding some height to the tin by wrapping and taping some brown paper round the tin and pouring in the crumble mix (home made).

It was going fairly well until we took it out the oven (about 30 minutes later) and removed the brown paper….. we’d used a tin without a removable bottom…How were we going to get it out?

Honestly neither one of us had touched a drop of drink all day…….. it was just one of those weird comedy of errors thingys.

It was at about this point I realised I hadn’t added the berries to the crumble mix.

So… We sawed off the crumble (skillfully keeping it in tact) and gave the cake a slap to loosen it out.

By now we realised this wasnt working…. but far from wasting what still was a perfectly edible cake and crumble….. and berries….. and berry sauce (sugar and berries)… we plated up and enjoyed it. It was loooovely… but I think next time Im getting a taller tin and an egg timer.


2 responses to “Summer Berry Crumble Cake

  1. “giggling” We all have days like this. I have been working out low cost meals for some blogging freinds that I have known for several years. I don’t have the courage to show my messes. The economy has hit some of my friends hard so I am enjoying your blog. I have been going through my collection of 1930’s and early 40’s cook books for ideas. They were amazing cooks in their day with what little they had to work with.

    • When we started the experiment the volume (or lack) of food wasa shock to the system…. but this means we have zero waste now…… goes to show how much food (and money) was going to waste. We were consuming a fraction of what we were buying. Really, in the 40’s, they had diets/ food/ cooking etc off to an artform. All this modern processed ‘convenience’ food seems to have spoilt this generation of adults and children, children who now risk dying before their parents.

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