One little pot goes a long long way…

The one pot pledge is a great grow you own campaign  from leading gardening charity Garden Organic. Their objective is to get people, who have never grown before, to have a go and growing their own veg. Garden Organic has tonnes of information to help you prep and grow your own goodies fit to eat.

If you have a little more experience with growing veggies and so on you can still join up, as a gardening guru, and help others to make their pledge. Click HERE to make your pledge.

“Eating food that you’ve grown yourself is one of life’s great pleasures and one that everyone should have the chance to enjoy.  With the One Pot Pledge campaign we want to inspire and support people to try something new and experience the joy of growing their own food from seed to harvest.” Alys Fowler

The one pot pledge campaign was designed by Food up Front…. who, knowing about the loooong allotment waiting lists, decided to encourage people and help them grow something in their own homes.

I love this idea and the kiddies have already started with a tomato plant each……. unfortunately little miss E’s plant is a wee bit sick. Lucky the joy of being 3 is that she cant tell the difference between one plant and another…… shhh we plan to swap it for a pretty flower while shes not looking.

Well… she doesnt really eat many tomatoes any way.

Another site  the kids and I will be visiting is Adopt A Veg. Which works like the adopt a polar bear etc sites you see… you donate to the site to support the growth of rare and vanishing vegetables. You’ll be preserving our vegetable heritage.

“Your adoption helps to fund the work of the Heritage Seed Library, which works to conserve a unique       collection of rare and endangered vegetable varieties.

Adopt a Veg is a great alternative present for a loved one, friend or colleague whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or just to say you’re thinking of them.”

This may seem like a bit of daftness, but the image opposite is right… how many older varieties of vegetable are just not available anymore. The more that go the less there is to grow locally … and the more veg we’ll have to import….. worth a good think. Something rarer may make a good one pot pledge.

As for me we’re just trying to get our potatoes to grow…… one step at a time.


3 responses to “One little pot goes a long long way…

  1. Michele Obama has made it her campaign to get poor people and everyone else to try growing vegetables here in the USA. It is nice to see you are also working towards that too.

    • To be honest until we started this experiment we didnt know all these things existed…. makes me wonder how many people really are aware of all this… probably not enough.

      • I think it is changing. I am reading more blogs about raising food and herbs. Also there seems to be an interest in cooking from basic ingredients growing on the internet. A few years ago most of the recipes blogged about were easy quick from a box or can. It had a nick name “almost homemade.” There is also a need to cut costs and baking and making your own food and sauces cost less. Looking forward to your next blog.

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