Another 40’s inspired menu

The price of meat at the moment is enough to encourage anyone to become a vegetarian —-> if only i could grow a few sheep in the window box…. nope will have to settle for tomatoes! This week we do have left overs to fall back on for lunches etc….. but this is the first week where we have no real back log of rationed items…. no extra marg or sugar, no extra baked bean tins or a mountain of corned beef. We’ve had to stretch out the 1kg meat ration we’ve given ourselves to last 3 meals rather than 2.

Breakfasts for the week: Either porridge or toast as we opted for some dried fruit with our points ration this week. On the weekend, rations permitting, we may make some pancakes up as a treat.

Lunches for the week: Because the kiddies eat school dinners its usually just me and mrC eating lunch at home…. which is basically anything not nailed down, including any leftovers, ham or cheese sandwich or some home made veggie soup.


Evening meal: Toasties – easy and quick on what seems to be our busiest day in the week#

Afters: Orange cake squares (left overs from the other night)


Evening meal: Mince and dumplings (made with 400g out of the 800g minced beef we had left over from last weeks immense meat ration….. not trying that again!) of course with seasonal veg

Afters: Fruity cupcakes (what ever fruit is available, anything from apples to berries if i can get them)


Evening meal: Either minced beef stuffed marrow or (if we cant get a marrow), minced beef in cabbage leaves. Made with the other 400g of mince beef from last weeks HUGE meat ration

Afters: Oat crisps


Evening meal: Fish Goujon (posh home made fish fingers….oddly more substantial then a famous mass bought brand)

Afters: Rich fruit cake —> nice because if we’re crafty, we can eat half tonight and the other half we can stash away and add brandy to over a while… pity brandy costs a fortune… even in Aldi, wonder if any stores do generic brands and what they taste like???


Evening meal:Calzone – was such a hit last time for dinner as well as snacks/ lunch over the next couple of days.

Afters: Chocolate cupcakes…. using the famous 1 egg sponge mix which never does me wrong


Evening meal: Turkey leg roast dinner

Afters Chelsea buns


Evening meal: beef and veg dumpling parcels (made with only 200g beef, what we have left of our meat ration for the week, which is about a handful…. this makes it a good leftover meat recipe)

Afters: the weeks left over yummies or, failing that…. I may toy with a NO EGG sponge


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