A 1940’s wartime style ration menu!

Sadly the weather simply has not improved and I;m tempted to fill the menu full of winter warming meals and loads of cake… well okay, maybe a bit of cake.

Breakfast for the week: Either porridge (most likely) or toast. On the weekends we’re more likely to use up any rations leftover from the week for example like having

Miss E with a mouthful of sponge cake

Miss E with a mouthful of sponge cake

pancakes for breakfast or an egg on toast for lunch.

Lunches: Since the older two children eat school dinners 5 days a week that means more rations to go around. Little miss E is not a ‘big meal’ lunch time eater and like MrC and myself will have a light meal. MrC and I usually have either a sandwich, leftovers or some home-made veg soup… little miss E generally has a sort of oslo style meal… some fruit/ dried fruit, carrots, bread and butter and a glass of milk (plus some cheese if there’s some going spare)…. plus a cake or cookie etc, after all she’s only 3.

Meat wise we seem to have a good bit knocking around the freezer… to be more specific  a turkey leg, 400g diced beef and 2 packs of bacon (2 x 250g). This means we dont have  to buy meat or bacon this week. Although turkey or chicken wouldnt have made it into the ration, and really, would have been a big luxury…. white meat was eaten. But not to push the black market/ slim chance boat out… I think this turkey leg, like sausages is going to be our last for a while.


Evening meal: Home made pizza…. which is basically  an open toasty…… pizza bread base + gorgeous locally grown tomatoes + cheese + ham = exotic continental open plan toastie. At least that’s what I’ll be telling the kids.

Afters: Strawberries… or something with strawberries…hmmmmm


Evening meal: Inside out beef olives (no actual olives used)

Afters: vinegar cake (no egg recipe)


Evening meal: bacon …. um not sure exactly what yet … but we’ll work on it

Afters: fruity potato cakes… hmm not sure about these… but i’ll try anything once


Evening meal: Moroccan style fish Tagine

Afters: Dark sticky gingerbread


Evening meal: leftover pie – previous weeks leftovers defrosted, popped in an oven proof dish and covered in a little shortcrust pastry.

Afters: Honey oatmeal buns


Evening meal: Turkey leg roast dinner – adding a good load of potatoes and veg (green and otherwise) we can serve less meat and so have some leftover for another meal.

Afters: chocolate squares


Evening meal: Leftover turkey lattice pie… because I’m just too tight to let good blackmarket turkey go to waste.

Afters: todays a good day to use up the last of the margarine etc and break out the good sponge recipe…. its quick, easy, cheap and I can throw in any leftover dried or fresh fruit hanging around…. failing the fruit I can add ginger/ cinnamon or essence to change the flavour.


2 responses to “A 1940’s wartime style ration menu!

  1. Ooh, all sounds good! Liking your blog and think it’s a great idea to do wartime recipes and rations. As an egg free person myself, I’m intrigued at the vinegar cake – I’ve never heard of that before!
    Do you have a recipe for that anywhere? I’d love to give it a go!

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