Tell me why I dont like mondays…

Today the kids were off school (Teacher training day), so naturally whats left of the rations before we shop tomorrow was stretched a bit further. After a breakfast using up the last of the porridge we went over to Mams to observe how the potatoes are going… not bad for a couple of months or so. Using Mams large back garden (gorgeous soil) means we dont have to fuss about the horrendous soil in our own back garden. Theres a strawberry patch at Mams as well which gratefully the kids seem to have forgotten about for now….Good because that way the rest of us may get one or two.

The empty Pyrex dish you see is whats left of the turkey lattice pie. It was really easy to make, left over turkey from yesterday, leftover veg (also from yesterdays sunday lunch) and some ready roll puff pastry cut into strips…. nothing fancy just a row going left to right and an uppar layer going top to bottom. I’m not really sold on this new Asda’s own puff pastry… it doesnt puff! I prefer JUSTROLL… it comes in brilliant ready rolled sheets. I tried to use the leftover pastry to make some jam tarts with the leftover Bramley apple sauce (jam jar down to a thin scraping now, saving it for breakfast tomorrow for the kids). The puff pastry didnt even rise a bit… it just made apple jam biscuits…. which to be fair the kids gobbled up, they were tasty… but still not the point.

Anyhoo the upside to the day was making headway with THE LIST of things to do with the kids in the Summer holidays (7 weeks… wish me luck)… for the ‘Creative week’ I have planned for the kids I ferreted out some kids paint (but plan to make my own… edible paint) and sent MrC down town (well he was down there anyhoo), for some little paint brushes.

He didnt disappoint, spending a BARGAIN 78p at Morrison’s and coming back with these beauties. For 78p you cant fall off, if the kids wreck them in the holidays Im not worried. Its  damn site cheaper than the 4 week club the school is doing… £180 per child for four 5day weeks of arts, crafts, football and drama classes…..well they can take a hike! So thus  THE LIST. Need to be fairly creative, theres not a lot on locally… and what there is available reasonably locally (or at least a bus/ train ride away) costs a bomb. There are only so many times you can feed the ducks, go to the beach and visit the park in 7 weeks…. isnt there?

What did you do in the summer holidays when you were a child?I vaguely remember climbing trees and pretending to be a power ranger or rainbow brite. I played dress up and generally ran around like a loon in our own back garden. We didnt have access to a beach or park and it was too dangerous to play in the streets (grew up in south africa). We made our own entertainment and were never bored. Not sure that will wash with my kids though… as imaginative as they are, I think 7 weeks is a stretch for anyone.


2 responses to “Tell me why I dont like mondays…

  1. Do check out the local churches in your area in case any are running holiday clubs. We charge £7.50 [TOTAL] for 5 morning sessions, PLUS Thursday evening Barbecue for the whole family AND a Sunday morning family event. We do arts. crafts, games, competitions, drama, etc etc.
    What did I do as a child? went to holiday clubs- then got involved in running them for other peoples children!

    • Wow, that sounds good, there’s nothing like that around here unfortunately… only the clubs run through the schools and no real choice there.
      There just isn’t the money (or patience) in the area to do anything like that… our town boasts 6 sure starts all within 10-15 minutes of each other… they’re sitting there virtually empty as they no longer cater to children over school age

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