Weekly Menu

Sorry I’m a bit late with the menu this week… the days seem to have been busier than usual… Ive been experimenting with baked beans over the last day or two and fed them to the kids tonight with their egg and toast. (left over eggs from previous weeks rations). They went down well and seem to only improve the more their heated YUMMMMM!


Evening meal: Toasted sandwiches <— an easy dinner on what is my busiest day of the week

Afters: Strawberries… I didn’t even put these in anything… we sat there in front of the TV and scoffed 2 punnets between the 4 of us (kids and I)


Evening meal: Scrambled eggs (with leftover ham) and home made baked beans

Afters: raspberry fairy cakes <— 1 egg sponge mix poured over a raspberry in a cake case. Gorgeous and so simple.


Evening meal: Filo beef parcels

Afters: Chocolate oat cakes


Evening meal: Cod and chips

Afters: American pin wheels


Evening meal: Rabbit surprise

Afters: Carrot buns


Evening meal: Scalloped vegetables with bacon

Afters: Spiced biscuits and eggless chocolate buns if there’s time


Evening meal: Minced beef and vegetable pie

Afters: Oaty biscuits


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