Getting my Bake on!

The kids school Jubilee picnic is nearly here so MrC and I started baking our buns off today. I started at 7am with a container of frozen summer fruits and a few tablespoons of sugar… Let there be jam!

I left little miss E’s jam tarts (for her nursery’s pyjama party) to MrC, he’s making pastry from scratch (this time he’s making shortcrust pastry not puff pastry) and using the home made jam I made up this morning. Its good practice for the jam tarts and sausage rolls he’ll be making tomorrow for the picnic.

As well as our dinner and afters (home made doughnuts… post and recipe coming soon) I got busy baking the spiced biscuits and sponge cake for Friday.

So been a busy bunny… I’m just wondering if this is what the 7 weeks of summer holidays is going to be like… the kiddies eat like horses on the weekends… how will it affect the budget? Or the rations? A little more creativity may be needed.


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