This weeks busy busy busy Menu!

This week there’s some serious baking going on as little miss E has a pyjama party at school (Thursday) as well as all three taking part in the schools Jubilee picnic on the Friday. The kids aren’t fans of the school packed lunches so MrC and I plan to bake our buns off… it’s a great excuse to have some goodies left over for over the weekend as well… one less thing to think about.

Tuesday 10th July

  • Evening meal: minced beef & veg on jacket potatoes ß feeling lazy had a very busy day. ß Incase you’re wondering why there’s very little broccoli around… it is because the British crop is ruined… blame it on the weather!
  • Afters: fairy cakes ß another lazy out as they take second to mix and minute to cook.

Wednesday 11th July – Miss E’s Pyjama party at school tomorrow, making jam tarts with home made summer berries jam, so need to really get finger out and get jam making. Will need 3 lots of jam this wee à tarts for miss E, tarts for the school picnic and jam for household use. During rationing, homemade jam was encouraged by swapping you little jar of store bought jam for a bigger sugar ration. Because of all the jam making and baking this week I left the Aldi jam and bought 2kg of sugar (instead of 1) and 3 lots of frozen berries. This would cost less if we had a decent summer and there were berries to pick. Will also be baking the sponge tonight to give them time to cool.

  • Evening meal: Cheese, ham and tomato home made pizzas with some gorgeous local tomatoes I bought on Tuesday.
  • Afters: Baby doughnuts if I get the time, hopefully.

Thursday 12th July – Making sausage rolls, jam tarts, spiced biscuits, 1 egg vanilla sponge cake (with home made choc spread filling) and finally, some butterfly cakes for kids’ school picnic tomorrow…I’d better get my baking hat on.

  • Evening meal: Basa (white fish)… it cost about half the price of the cod or haddock. ß Cod pricey now as its over fished
  • Afters: 1 egg sponge with home made jam and mock cream ß I made this sponge and the picnic sponge yesterday so that they get a chance to cool and firm up before I add the chocolate filling.

Friday 13th July – School jubilee picnic – make sandwiches on the morning, and everything else packed the night before

  • Evening meal & afters: Whatever food is leftover, sausage rolls, sandwiches and some cake etc. Will ‘try’ and save some nibbles for the kids for the weekend when they do their best to consume their own body weight… and manage it!

Saturday 14th July

  • Evening meal: something mind boggling with bacon… not sure what yet.
  • Afters: Patriotic pudding

Sunday 15th July

  • Evening meal: Minced beef and onion pie
  • Afters: spiced biscuits ß no egg required

Monday 16th July

  • Evening meal: veggies! After last weeks bake-a-thon we’re on the last of our rations… was worth it though.
  • Afters: ß nothing left just going to let the kids lick the biscuit/ cake tins

Ever wondered why in the UK we only seem to eat New Zealand lamb when we have sheep in abundance?

The UK has enough sheep, Scotland is famous for them, Wales has jokes written on the subject there are so many and in Cornwall there are so many they’ve adapted to living on hillsides by growing 2 leg longer than the others (joking)… so where are they all?

Is it part of a strange New Zealand/ UK exchange program ‘Swap a Sheep’???

Actually it’s cheaper! Some varieties of Cumbrian sheep can sell for 3x that of a regular (as opposed to irregular?) kind so really it’s just cheaper to eat imports and make a profit of exports. Mad but true. Not sure weather that’s good business or bad ‘local love’.


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