A new week a new wartime inspired menu!

With the little kids (nursery/ kindergarten) finishing a week earlier, I have little miss E with me this week to ‘help’ me out. Apart from things taking twice as long (my mornings are no longer just mine), Miss E seems to be in the midst of a growth spurt (aren’t they all) and so is eating everything that isn’t nailed down.

As happy as I am that she has finally developed an appetite, I’m nervous what effect this will have. I may just have to use the method my mother perfect with me as a child… “Wait til dinner!”

I’m not sure how well that will work, but unfortunately they may just have to learn the life lesson of like it or lump it. Its not like they’re starved after all.

Breakfast will be porridge at the beginning of the week, toast in the middle when the porridge oats runs out and either eggs or pancakes on the Monday morning if there are any left… if not back to toast… or porridge! Cornflake have been relegated as they come off points we now use for other things… like golden syrup >>> for baking of course…. And the odd bit of last minute toast.

Tuesday 17th July– Shopping day, down to the grocers for the vegetables and potatoes, butchers for the meat and rabbit if there is, weigh and save for other bits. I’ve heard some rumours Morison’s is doing duck for £5 (either 2 breasts or a crown), which would have been off ration during the war and makes a nice change from minced beef. Lastly… A trip to Tesco… To check out what’s ‘Offaly’ good. Jam making also necessary… as we’re out (occupational hazard with making jam… some git keeps eating it!)… Need to buy some good jam jars. Working out how much jam I need to make now in berry season to last us through the colder months.

  • Lunch – Little miss E and I may indulge in a bun from the baker… if you’re down town early enough you can smell the waft of the bakers opening their doors at 9am…. Sheesh I need a hobby.
  • Dinner – Toastie night
  • Afters – Longing for a good old apple crumble but no nice apples locally… all from France and Spain. L So may have to opt for some summer berry crumble.

 Wednesday 18th July – A bit of pound shop browsing… stocking the craft cupboard for the holidays. I’m a list freak. I’m already planning each holiday week’s theme and activities. I’m determined to keep the kids busy on a budget. The first week (next week), Performing arts…. A posh way of saying sing, dancing and acting out favourite stories… with the aid of the trusty cardboard box little miss E’s new stroller came in (puppet theatre – hours of fun). If it’s raining I will of course be hiding in the house busily baking and jam making!

  • Lunch – simple soup for me and an Oslo meal for little miss E. I make the soup using the tough stalks from the greens we used for dinner on Monday night and bits of carrot, onion etc. It freezes and reheats fairly well, and so is my lunchtime idea of convenience food.
  • Dinner – leftovers…. Last nights mince made into little pies for the kids… I’ll either have a pie or some vegetable soup made from veg leftovers from Monday night and some home made stock. It may seem like I’m consuming a lot of veg soup lately, but this is not only really got vitamin and mineral wise but saves rations that will need to go to the kids. This was a common issue in wartime… you fed your dear husband and the smaller kids first, then the older ones and other adults in the family… as mother, you ate last.
  • Afters – TARTS! With the leftover pastry.

Old Pic of the kids in our old  garden, back when miss E was a lil chubby cherub

Thursday 19th July– The kids break up today, so some baking is really in

order. Not so much for today but for the long weekend. Not sure what I’ll be baking yet… will have to see what I’ve got left rations wise. Also must buy some last minute prezzies bits for Miss K’s 9th B’day n-e-x-t weekend (29th). I declined her request for a laptop, pierced ears and a mobile phone with my best ‘get stuffed’ face.

  •  Lunch – Soup VS Oslo meal
  • Dinner – Minced beef
  • Afters – Caramel cream custard

Friday 20th July – All of us at home today as the kids have broken up for the summer holidays. Going to have to keep the next few weeks well structured, not just with activities but food wise as well. Like the old saying: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, with the occasional snack of course. If I give the kids a set time for snacks as well as meals, then they have a time to work with/ towards.

E.g. Breakfast at 9am, Snack at 11am, Lunch at 1pm, Tea at 3pm and Dinner at 5pm followed by Afters… I usually also give the children a warm mug of milky Horlicks and a couple of biscuits at about 7.30pm. (Bed by 8pm) This doesn’t just pace out the food (and therefore ration) but also keeps their sugar levels steady throughout the day. It does however mean more baking than when they’re at school… as the eat lunch and a snack whilst there.

  • Lunch – bread roll sarnies (sandwiches) … well its slightly different to regular sandwiches. This is when the homemade jam comes in useful. The cheese and ham ration only go so far… and they’re going to be really stretched with the kids off.
  • Dinner – Basa with boiled potatoes and seasonal veg. Basa is a little tasteless at times, but half the price of frozen cod or haddock… with some gorgeous greens, other veg and some creativity it tastes delicious as well as serving its purpose as our fish meal for the week.
  • Afters – Crystallised ginger cake

Last September (2011) at Euro Disney… you cant tell but in 30 minutes Master N will be as sick as a duck. Over a 6 day Disney holiday we must have had a total of 4 hours in the park spread out. Max. MrC, Master N and I were bed/ toilet/ bucket bound most of the time. So thus the serious saving to go again in August 2013… we promised the kids a proper holiday! The bite this next time is that the schools wont allow holidays in term time (BIG FINE) so we have to go in August, which doubles the cost of the holiday…. but I’m not going to be beaten or break our promise to the kids.

Saturday 21st July – Sometime over this long weekend (either Friday or Saturday) I’m going to have to take the kids out and about to avoid cabin fever. They function best in the morning after breakfast. I’ll make up their ‘elevenses’ to take with us whether it’s to the town, seafront (doubtful) or the park. It’s cheaper as buns from the baker are a treat that soon add up with three kiddies, as does a simple vanilla ice cream at £1.50 a head. At £4.50 (not include myself), that’s a 6th of my budget on ice cream in the centre of town…. When I can buy a box of ice cream at ALDI for 89pence. (BTW ice cream was available during the war technically… however this was also in short supply… so a real treat) <<< with that in mind I may take to making my own again in the holidays. It’s a faff about but delicious (and cheap).

  • Lunch – Kids… hmmm probably sandwiches and a biscuit/ sweet snack chaser
  • Dinner – Rabbit, cooked like chicken in a pan with herbs and onions and served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
  • Afters – Viennese tartlets

Sunday 22nd July – At this point the kids will be asking what ever happened to sausages… we all miss them. Luckily they love duck so this off ration treat may actually perk them up. That is, until they realise there are no pancake rolls and hoi sin sauce. Of course this ‘duck and cover’ plan all goes out the window if we’re invited out for Sunday lunch at Mams… in which case the duck will either be eaten tomorrow or kept for next week.

  • Lunch – something light… since we’ll be having a BIG Sunday dinner. If we eat at Mams we’ll probably eat our main meal at about lunch time… in which case we’ll have a late light supper in the evening. Probably a sandwich or beans or cheese or egg on toast.
  • Dinner – Duck, with gravy, seasonal veg and Yorkshire puddings.
  • Afters – Chocolate and almond cupcakes

Bugs BunnyMonday 23rd July – Hahaha check out Saturday and Sunday…. All I have to do is eat some pork and I’ve eaten 3 of the Looney toons (Bugs bunny, Daffy duck and Porky pig)… well, we have to get our laughs somewhere. Alas, Pork is still a wee bit too pricey for us this week… so we’re opting for a traditional and much eaten… will use today to chill, make up a menu/ shopping list and subject the kids to our ever growing studio Ghibli collection <— Spirited Away is the kids favourite.

  • Lunch – Whatever’s around…. Mondays always kind of a lean day rations wise. I’ll have to save some nibbles etc through out the week as I’ve got the kids off school now. I’m fine with some soup for lunch but the kids need something more substantial. I expect my summer holiday shop budget for food will increase (just for the holidays though), as I’ll have to buy more of what isn’t on ration… like more vegetables, more berries (seasonal), more oats, bread, offal, game etc. Even more flour for baked goodies. Ice cream for dinner is better than no dinner at all.
  • Dinner – minced beef and offal pie (pigs liver preferably that’s generally the cheapest… although if you’re going on taste… you get what you pay for… pigs the cheapest then lambs liver, then ox)
  • Afters – Venetian biscuits

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