Feeeling sleeeeee-py

I’m a little more disorganised this week than I would have liked. On Tuesday I came down with a bug and this is the first time Ive really looked at the blog since Monday-ish.

The cleaning here as casa del ration has also fallen by the wayside… what with mrC away from home for a bit and the idea of scraping plates into the bin making me quite green…. well, the kitchen has been in chaos. After an extra long nap today (dropped kids of at school and was back by 9.30…. napped until 12.15) I feel a lot better and promptly got to work scrubbing, scraping and tea drinking. I even bought some masks from Wilkinsons for the kids to paint next week as partof my cunning plan to organise and structure some of the kids holiday time. At £1 each I couldnt resist…. the theme for the week is going to be performing arts.

Tonight I’m pulling myself together though, as the kids have had toasted cheese/ ham sandwiches 2 nights in a row, and they really should eat something more substantial. In my dazed caffeine fueled rambling round Morrisons on Tuesday (looking for Duck) I bought 2 long lamb chops on special (£2) so,as I wasnt in any state this morning to remember my name let alone that I had to get mince out the freezer… lamb and veg is for dinner tonight.

The downside to my recent bug is that Im now without pies, tarts and pudding for the kids (the ones I had planned to make over tues and wed )… something I’ll have to catch up on over the next couple of days…. as well as my jam making for the week. (bought some geletin sheets to try out in the jam aswell).

I’m especially chuffed with the 2 kilner jars I picked up earlier in the week…… they’ll be great for jam storing for the cold weather. If I buy a couple of jars each week and fill them with jam, then store them, we should have enough. I’m thinking, by the size of these jars, that a dozen or so should do….. I think… hopefully.

Tomorrow.. in theory should continue as planned, and hopefully, with some extra baking I’ll catch up with myself  😛 lol.


4 responses to “Feeeling sleeeeee-py

  1. Do you have “The Range” near you? ours is selling kilner jars v cheaply at the minute. Also the spare parts [if you pick up vintage ones in charity shops as I do, the rubber rings have often perished]

    get well soon x

    • Thanks… I’ve never actually heard of the Range… but yep ..The kilner jars at Wilks, where I bought them, were about £2.45 each (500ml jars) which I think is a bit much for a jar…. that might just be the penny pincher in me though. The same jar at the Range is £1.99……..ooooh I may have to bribe someone to take me up to Stockton hehehhe

      • Oh do be careful- one’s first trip to The Range is a bit like First Ikea Visit – you see something and thing ‘Wow that’s cheap, perhaps I should get one…” and can end up with a trolleyful of little bits that all add up!!!!

      • you know me so well….. that said, I was oh so impressed with the fact that Ikeas the only shop in the area that lets you shop your way to the middle, feeds you and then sends you back out LOL

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