This weeks rationing menu

I lovemy lists #weirdo , I write everything down, from things I need to buy to sketching ideas… of course all these dont necesserily make it all the way…. but I like to doodle things out anyway. This week is the first of many with the kids off school, so careful food planning is in order… So is entertainment on a near non-existant budget. I was planning to insert a crafty bit of gym and boxercise in the holidays… but what with MrC taking over the full time care of his parents… I’ll have to get craftier with how I get more activity into my day, as gyms etc dont have any childcare facilities.

Breakfast throughout the week will either be porridge oats or toast when the oats run out… Monday if we have eggs/ milk leftover… I’ll wip up some easy peasy pancakes for the kids.

Elevenses and high tea (3pm) generally depend on whats available, whats made or what can be made quickly… a 1 egg sponge is a really easy quick high tea… but it depends on what eggs are needed/ used for meals and afters.

Lunch is generally going to be either sandwiches, soup or something preprepared like sausage rolls or pasties. Theyre great eaten hot or cold, at home or on a picnic. I’d love to inject some veg or fruit into this meal…. fruit would be better but its more difficult/ expensive. Vegetables dont always go down well at this time of day for some reason. The kids expect them at dinner time but during the day its hard (unless theyre eating pasties) to inject some colour into what can otherwise be a very beige meal. Oh the soup is generally for me…. none of mine would touch soup with a barge pole. More creativity required…. this is when I realise that creativity with food can only stretch so far with limited supplies.

Tuesday – SHOPPING DAY… so its down to town for some fresh #LOCAL vegetables and fruit… plus a perousal of the local butchers (where I buy my rabbit)to see whats looking goooood. Kids and I also plan pay a visit to PoundWorld for some low cost entertainment… i.e. crafty bits, pritt glue, wooden spoons (for puppets) and so on. I dont plan to spend more than £5 there…. easy to do though. These bits and a HUGE cardboard box are going to be the centrepiece in this weeks holiday entertainment.

  • Dinner – ham and cheese toatie night…. As an adult you’d think this would get monotinous…. the kids seem to love it…. of course every now and again I chenge this up with either a pizza with ham and cheese (more room to add fruit/ veg) or a calzone (folded over pizza)
  • Afters – Venetian biscuits, hopefully, the kids wont scoff the whole lot in one go….. I may be able to save some for tomorrow if I buy some fruit (berries) today…. the kids love them.

Wednesday – may do some extra baking today, spiced biscuits are nice as they dont use up any eggs….. there great for in the tin for ‘just incase’ snacks or high tea. Im also going to give the oceream maker manual a good read over. Cant miss that opportunity this summer.

  • Dinner – Semolina souffle
  • Afters – Chocolate and almond fairy cakes


  • Dinner – beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and seasonal veg (minus the parsley sauce for the kids)
  • Afters – Viennese tartlets


  • Dinner – Basa and seasonal veg… I may make a parsley sauce for me, to got with the fish… but the kids just like it plain with veggies and potatoes.
  • Afters – Crystallised ginger cake

Saturday – Miss K’s birthday is tomorrow, but we’re treating her today with a movie and lunch out and a new dress…. tomorrow we’ll be taking her ‘cake’ over to Mams so we can all celebrate together.

  • Dinner – Duck with seasonal veg (Plus yorkshire puddings and hot gravy)
  • Afters – Caramel cream custard

Sunday – Nothing spectacular planned for us as we may be going over to Mams for Sunday lunch… if not, we’ll defrost some leftovers for dinner and wing it the rest of the day #LongLiveLeftovers

Monday – Its usually on a Monday that I start to show the signs of a ‘snack free’ diet. Well I say snack free…. i should say unneccessery random grazing all day…. anyhoo its halted by rationing…. and especially by Monday which is the last day in our rationing week before shopping day on Tuesday. I found myself, recently, munching on raw cabbage leaves to silence a ‘where is my high tea’ grumble between a small bowl of soup for lunch and dinner.

I laugh this off, because I know we’re getting what we need to eat and graizing is just a bad habit… but, its not nice hearing the kids sob because they’ve burnt off their lunch running around. This is where leftovers and baked goods come into their own… especially the egg free kind.

  • Dinner – toad in the hole <—- a real treat as we havent had sausages in months (they could be rare in wartime aswell)
  • Afters – Its biscuit tin licking time…… well maybe not, what evers left of rations we’ll use today in general.

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