This weeks rationing menu… black market anyone?

I was in Tescos today buying some ENGLISH strawberries (lol) and noticed that Truvia that I saw on the TV (adverts) 0 calorie sugar…. Well not really sugar, but apparently you can stick it in your tea, cakes on your cereal etc. The price wasn’t on the 270g plastic tub, so I asked a helpful member of staff…. £5 for that tiny wee tub…ridiculous! Sod it…. I’m off home to lick the sugar bowl!!!


  • Evening meal: Cheese and Ham toasties…. Because its shopping day, and this just makes life easier on my busiest day.
  • Afters: Strawberries… at the moment the only fruit I can get hold of…. ignoring the well battered raspberries I saw today.


  • Evening meal: Shepard’s pie with seasonal veg
  • Afters: Gypsy creams… an oldie but a goodie…. if I make a few trays in theory I’ll have some for the biscuit tin, the lonely little tyke.

Thursday – going to buy some oatmeal and some black-market raisins for afters lol <— mental image of me in balaclava at midnight stealing 2 ounces of raisins from the weigh and save. hehehe.

  • Evening meal: Oatmeal sausages with seasonal veg (and mashed potatoes)
  • Afters: Chocolate… it’s a way of either stretching out a little chocolate or making it using ration ingredients…. A nice treat for the kiddies and little actual cooking involved


  • Evening meal: Fish goujons (our posh fish fingers), mashed potato and home made baked beans (frozen from when I made them last… obviously defrosted and heated through)
  • Afters: American pin wheels


  • Evening meal: Beef Chilli
  • Afters: Gingerbread shapes (found the few cookie cutters I have left) and icing (made from scratch not with icing sugar)

Sunday – Dinner at Mams J


  • Evening meal: macaroni and bacon
  • Afters: sponge cake with mock cream filling (and Jam if I can get any frozen berries)… failing that I have a recipe for glossy chocolate icing

My shopping bill so far for the week came to £23 and change, which does not include the oatmeal, 2oz raisins, and frozen berries I haven’t bought yet.

I plan to make my own bread as much as possible this week, so I may have to buy more flour/ yeast…. And milk.

This all shouldn’t add up to much…. And I should still be able to keep the final amount below £30… in theory.


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