This weeks Menu – A little more this week?!

MrC is holidaying at home this week, so we’re definitely going to see a change in how the rations go. Good thing we have a sugar surplus. Hopefully the weather improves enough to get everyone out and about…. That saves on rations! With the weird weather, the kiddies are eating up a storm. Little miss E has grown in every possible direction and we’ve had to buy her some new bits and pieces of clothing. (This is the girl who grew only a centimetre over the whole school year, has now grown up and out a whole size since the beginning of the holidays 3 weeks ish ago)

We’re stretching out the rations as much as possible this week, and shall be using our entire meat ration (as opposed to the half ration we’ve been using). With any luck this will been nicer leftovers for the end of this week/ beginning of next week.


Dinner: Ham and Cheese Tortilla wraps ~ they went down a storm last week so the kids asked we do it again

Afters: Jam Swiss roll ~ A bit egg heavy but we have a surplus (4 to be precise… using 2-3 for Swiss roll) so Im going to treat the kids… and MrC

Extra baking: Gypsies for the biscuit tin ~ I don’t use the butter icing now (saps the butter ration), the kids just enjoy eating them as biscuits.


Dinner: Saltimbocca and seasonal veg

Afters: Caramel Meringues (only using 2 eggs to produce about 20)

Extra baking: Dark and sticky ginger bread


Dinner: Pork & garlic bread bake

Afters: Sponge fingers


Dinner: Fish, potatoes and peas!

Afters: Jam tarts

Extra Baking: Carrot cookies


Dinner: Burgers… maybe…touch wood… we may get BBQ weather. Failing that the burgers taste just as good indoors

Afters: Fat free tea loaf

Extra baking: If there’s time I may do another batch of those rolls….they were gorgeous, and the kids loved them with jam.

Speaking of which… must remember to make more jam!


Dinner: Mince, onion gravy and seasonal veg

Afters: 1- egg sponge with mock cream and homemade jam


Dinner: veg/ leftover day

Afters: Ginger parkin


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