This week wartime inspired menu

Well just over a week until the kiddies go back to school, and I must say I’ll welcome the quite and chance to get back to my usual organised self. The extra money saved from rationing has come in handy as well when paying out for school uniform this year.

Breakfast is the usual choice of toast or porridge …. well maybe some pancakes later in the week.

Lunch can be a weird mix or muddle. Since its the last week of school holidays… if the weathers nice we’ll be picnicking (sandwiches, juice and something out of the baking tin), if its lousy… we’ll eat our sandwiches, soup or something warming at home.


Dinner: Ham & Cheese tortillas

Afters: Ginger bread biscuits


Dinner: Turkey Leg with seasonal vegetables

Afters: Gypsy creams


Dinner: Beef casserole and seasonal vegetables

Afters: Tea bread


Dinner: Fish and seasonal vegetables

Afters: Apple fairy cakes


Dinner: Beef goulash and seasonal vegetables

Afters: Berry batter cake


Dinner: Spiced lamb and marrow stew

Afters: 1 egg sponge with jam and mock cream


Dinner: Ratatouille

Afters: Surprise pudding… it’ll be a surprise because I dont even know what there’ll be yet 😀


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