How do you feel about fur?

I must say I was mightily impressed by Everyday Life On A Shoestring  and her post It’s all about the carrots

Now when my carrots get to that stage, quite honestly, I throw them… or more accurately I take the draw out the fridge and gingerly pour them into the bin.

 But its true…. if you read the post it shows how with a little scraping, cleaning and cooking… the carrots are still perfectly acceptable. Makes me think about all the food I threw away JUST because they looked a little iffy.


One response to “How do you feel about fur?

  1. Having grown up with parents who had lived through wartime rationing, the idea of cutting off the mouldy bits and scrubbing what’s left seems quite normal. I loathe having to throw food away – and almost wept when I found weevils in the flour and there was no option. Have been super diligent with flour ever since!!
    Thanks for pointing me to the ELOAS blog!!
    blessings x

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