Skinny pies and pasties

MrC and I loved Episode 3 of Hairy Dieters on the BBC… and were INSPIRED by their low fat pies… and as were Northern… we are naturally pie lovers. #StereotypeButTrue.

Click HERE to see their recipe

Sooooo we thought we’d have a good bash at some skinny pies/ pasties.

The photos are of MrC’s skinny pies and Pasty.

For the ‘pastry’ we used a packet of pizza base mix… but our Superior equally good (be nice)  pizza dough recipe (click to see recipe) would do just as well!

The base mix we bought has to sachets… each sachet was 300 calories and make one good sized pizza… or in our case 3.5 hand sized pies. The 2 sachets made 6 pies and a killer pasty. Sooo that’s about 85 calories per pie pastry case. 

The method is reasonably idiot proof… add water and roll out…. DON’T LEAVE IT TO REST as you don’t want it to rise or thicken. MrC then moulded the pizza pastry into the previously greased and lightly floured metal pie dishes .(Pie Dishes in all sizes = Essential Northern English Kitchenalia)

Inside our skinny pies we put… well everything we had to hand… some diced beef, a small bit of liver and onion left over from the previous evening, carrots, turnip (swede/ rutabaga), potatoes… all diced and precooked.

Added to the meat mix while cooking was enough gravy to moisten. This was then spooned into the pizza lined pie dishes and covered with another layer of pizza mix. NB… DON’T STRETCH THE DOUGH OVER THE TOP:::JUST LAY IT ON, it WILL spring back making the tops TOO SMALL!

Make sure you seal the top to the bottom with a little milk. Brush with a little more milk to give a glaze and pop into the oven at GAS MARK 5 for 25 to 30 minutes.

And voilà … skinny pies totting in at  a low low calorie count of…

Pastry: 85 calories

Meat: 69 calories

Vegetables: 30 calories (That could have been cut by a third if we’d used more greens and fewer carby veg like turnip and potato)

Gravy: 20 calories… but that can be chopped if you make your own stock/ gravy

TOTAL PER INDIVIDUAL PIE: 204 per pie… not bad considering shop/ pie shop/ Cornish village bought pies/ pasties can range from 400 calories to 800 calories if you want an authentic taste while out and about.

Givem a try theyre well good! (hot or cold the next day)


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