Giving austerity the sack! (a little chuckle for the weekend)

Nooo I wouldn’t chuck it all in now….We’re enjoying ourselves too much!!!

But I saw this photo and thought of all of you. Its a photo of some (not mine) burlap knickers made during the war…. what creases me is the fact it still has SUGAR printed on it!

You know those horrendous tracksuits that have gorgeous or something equally tacky written across the butt….. well these must have been the forerunner!

[cant stop laughing when ever I see this]


2 responses to “Giving austerity the sack! (a little chuckle for the weekend)

  1. Those knickers would itch SOOOO much! Why didn’t they put lace over the words? or cut round them? or something??

    There was a PennyPinchers prog on ch 4 about 15 yrs ago and the woman said she made her underwear out of old curtain linings. Whenever my kids were wasteful, I would go over to the window and and feel my curtains and ask the daughters if they needed new underwear!

    thanks for giving me a much needed giggle! blessings xx

    • AHAHA… I remember my mother making my swimming costumes being made out of anything and everything… from leftover tracksuit/sweater material, to something that was very like velvet and came from some old living room cushions my mother had inherited…. they were very pretty but sagged terribly when wet. funny on a toddler… not so much when you’re 14.

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