This weeks menu – a bit of a naughty one

This week we’re going to have to stretch the rationing rules a bit. My mother and sister are visiting for a couple of days. We haven’t seen them in a while (Mother lives in South Africa) soooo Tuesday and Wednesday will be our non-ration days this week… the rest of the week will be as normal.

Tuesday 4th

Dinner: Cooked Ham & Salad with new potatoes / ham and cheese wraps for the kiddies

Afters: Ginger parkin

Extra baking: Purple velvet cup cakes (for the kids for the first day of school tomorrow… new teachers at the school this year), gypsy creams

Wednesday 5th

Dinner: Baked chicken with potatoes and red onions… and seasonal veg

Afters: Apple crumble

Extra baking: jam tarts

Thursday 6th

Dinner: Home made cauliflower Pizza

Afters: Button biscuits

Friday 7th

Dinner: Fish goujons and seasonal veg

Afters: Dark sticky ginger bread

Saturday 8th

Dinner: minced beef, onions and seasonal veg

Afters: Syrup loaf

Sunday 9th

Dinner: Minced beef and seasonal vegetable skinny pies

Afters: Venetian biscuits

Monday 10th

Dinner: bacon and egg tartlets

Afters: Sponge cake


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