This Weeks Menu

Well, we’ve had a busy week or so here at casa de ration! My Mother, sister and her husband visited us from South Africa (Sister and Husband from Gloucester) . It was fun showing of the recipes and budgeting bits we’d learnt over the months we’ve been doing the experiment.

This weekend past I started to feel a bit run down (who me?) and put it down to stress (and walking family across the area showing them the sights), but Monday night little miss E and I became quite ill and have been sharing dryish toast and curling up on the sofa with a bucket and plenty of tissues. #NotAGreatMentalImage

Still you cant keep a good rationer down and I berated myself for not adopting a little wartime spirit and muddling through. Housewives in wartime wouldn’t have slumped onto the sofa and felt sorry for themselves. #OhThatGuiltyFeeling


Dinner: Ham and cheese toasties for the older kids…. little miss E and I just stuck to some plain toast…. the melted cheese would be asking for trouble.

Afters: Nothing much really, the kids had some extra sweeties left over from our visitors last week and so merrily munched on those.


Dinner: Lamb stew <<< part of a two pack I bought last week on special. Lamb is so expensive I grab the opportunity to eat something other than beef with both hands! Think I had to mow over a granny to get them as they were the last two trays.

Afters: 1 egg sponge – Yes I know, not very exciting, but I thought I’d keep it simple as the tummies in the house aren’t quite up to full strength yet, and with my anaemia being a bit worse than usual (ongoing problem), I’m usually exhausted by the end of the day.


Dinner: Home made Gnocchi and seasonal vegetables

Afters: Apples in dressing gowns, and hopefully some Eccles cakes if I get time


Dinner: Fish goujons and home made chips (+ mushy peas for MrC)

Afters: Marmalade carrot puddings (with left over marmalade from mums visit)


Dinner: Either mini burgers or meatballs depending on rations (and whether I can get time to make some loooovely home made buns)

Afters: Spiced biscuits (and a cake if there’s time and rations)


Dinner: Sunday Lamb dinner with seasonal veg

Afters: Marmalade Chelsea buns


Dinner: veggie pies/ pasties… using up the last of the veggies for the week.

Afters: Basque butter buns… not strictly speaking the most ration friendly recipe… but a nice treat at the end of the week and a cheery follow on from another no meat meal


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