What shall we buy on points this week… you decide!

Sooo to keep things fresh and interesting MrC and I came up with a new idea or angle to add to our rationing experiment.

Do we have it too easy in 2012? Even with the rationing we’ll never have the experience of lining up outside a store for 2 hours only to find they have nothing left on the shelves. There’s no unpredictability.

So we thought we’d upset the apple cart…

Every week as a family of 5 we get 20 points to ‘play’ with… these points can buy a combination of what you see below. Each week we will be giving YOU the chance to pick what we will be getting on points in our next shopping trip.

Just vote for the one or combination of items you’d like to see us buy and on Monday we’ll pick the winners (most votes) and plan our menu accordingly.

BUT WHY Mrs C? Apart from something new this also makes this part of the experiment unpredictable… which it would have been during WW2.  For us, this adds some authenticity to the experiment, as we have no idea what you’ll vote for. IT REALLY IS TOTALLY IN YOUR HANDS!

The next weeks voting will start from now until next Monday 24th September (as we’ve left it a bit late for this week) when we’ll tell you the winners (what we’ll be buying)



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