The weekly wartime inspired menu…. and a quick prod

We’re excited about you all choosing you points ration items… it makes it a surprise… which is fun as well as a challenge. This week I opted for some raisins and a tin of baked beans (my precious)… which both show up in this weeks menu.

Tuesday – Shopping day and the busiest day of the week

minus the milk, lamb chops and bread and butter… and fruit cordial… This lot cost £18 and change
(lamb chops in freezer) Everything seems to be going up in price tsk tsk

Dinner: Ham and cheese toasties…. just because Tuesday is a busy day in the week and these are cheap, quick and easy. MrC and I usually add some tomato  if we can get it.

After: Hopefully, some strawberries (or any berries) if I can still get some… if not then I’ll whip up some last minute gypsy creams


Dinner: Lamp chops…. usually ridiculously priced but this week I stalked the sale shelves at the supermarket and found some cut price chops….yummmm

Afters: Jam/ Lemon curd tarts


Dinner: Our first veggie night…

Afters: apple strudel a la ration


Dinner: Home made fish cakes with baked beans and mashed potato

Afters: I’m going to try and have another bash at the marmalade pudding…. except this time I’ll not forget them in the oven… and I’ll use jam instead… kids weren’t that enthused on the marmalade.


Dinner: Home made meat balls and spaghetti (okay technically this wasn’t eaten in WW2 BUT, what you use to make pasta was available…. so we’re buying some spaghetti… only until I save up for a pasta maker [hint hint MrC])

Afters: Ginger and date cake (or walnuts if I cant get them)


Dinner: Minced beef, seasonal vegetables, one more potato than a pig can cope with and Yorkshire puddings (with hot lashings of home made gravy)

Afters: 1 egg Victoria sponge with mock cream and jam


Dinner: our second veggie night

Afters: Whatever is left…. if in doubt… make gypsy creams!

Okay prodding …. remember (PLEEEEEEEASE) to vote for the item(s) you want to see us get on points next week (click HERE for link to post) Remember, we’re allow a maximum of 20 points… so pick as few or as many as you like… well 20 points worth.


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