TARTS everywhere!!!

After a GORGEOUS meal of lamb and veg what we REALLY needed was a tart or two…

These are easy and so quick to make, whether you make your own short crust pastry, buy it ready rolled or use puff pastry 😀 <— I don’t make my own puff pastry, short crust is easy and simple to do (shortcrust pastry recipe) … but a good puff pastry is a faff about and takes 2 days to may a good one. (quickie puff pastry jam tarts)

This time I used ALDI mixed fruit jam (so cheap even I cant produce jam at that price) and lemon curd (the cheap kind… all tastes the same once cooked)

These little beauties keep quite well… technically… I wouldn’t know as ours have never lasted the week 😛

Sorry about the photo quality…. it was taken at night (weak flash) after a serious baking session!


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