When rations get scarce

Because I bought much needed Lard last Tuesday, I could only get 1 small tub of margarine on the fats ration… this meant that this week we seemed to get to the end of our rations sooner than usual.

I’d promised the kids a cake for after their Sunday dinner…. so…

I scraped out the butter dish and used all but a couple of scrapings out the margarine tub and made a 1 egg sponge. The jam was low as well, as I had had the idea that lemon curd would make a nice change… apparently I was mistaken (according to the kids).

Soooo no marge for mock cream and no jam to fill… and a VERY scant looking cake mix.

The cake [gratefully] came out a treat. I cooked 4 large cooking apples (plus a couple of tsp of sugar to help against the sour of the bramley apples) and made enough ‘apple mush’ to give us all a healthy tablespoonful and 2/3 fill a medium kilner jar (large jam jar).

For the creamy factor I found a tub of Quark at the back of the fridge from a couple of weeks ago (my mothers visit)… to it I added some sugar (which we seem to have in abundance this week, even though I’m only getting the one lot .. I got 2 lots when I was making jam in the summer)…. I also added 2 drops of vanilla essence to add some flavour and popped this in the fridge while the cake cooled.

It was delicious if I dooooo say so myself. (and I do)

Heres the link to the ever glorious 1 egg sponge CLICK HERE


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