This weeks WW2 rationing menu and your voting results

Thank you to everyone who voted for what we’ll be getting on our points ration. The new list of point items available for your vote will be out tomorrow.

[click image to see what won]

As you can see on the image opposite, Lentils won hands down, followed by weetabix, golden syrup, a tin of baked beans…. a tub of dried milk and a tin of spam have joint 5th position, but since we can only have 20 points worth, the dried milk has it!


Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: K & N get school dinners…MrC will be at work… Miss E and I will be grocery shopping, so no doubt we’ll stop at the bakery for something (GREGGS!)

Dinner: Ham and Cheese Fried Sandwiches

Afters/ baking: Apple crumble…. I’ve been waiting for apple season all summer, quick and easy on a busy Tuesday evening


Breakfast: Toast and Jam

Lunch: K+ N = school meals, MrC @ work, Miss E and I will toy with the idea of an Oslo meal… failing that I may use up some of the tomatoes we seem to have accumulated and make a soup

Dinner: Minced beef, liver and onion pie

Afters/ baking: Gingerbread cats…. Why cats? Because that’s the only cookie cutter that hasn’t gone walkabouts or worn out!


Breakfast: Toast and Jam

Lunch: Leftovers vs. Oslo

Dinner: Lentil Lasagne

Afters/ baking: Weetabix tea loaf


Breakfast: Weetabix/ toast

Lunch: Soup vs. Oslo

Dinner: Fish cakes try number two…. This time with better ingredients! And beans!

Afters/ baking: Weetabix fudge… yep, you saw right!


Breakfast: Toast/ Porridge/ or pancakes if there is enough of everything

Lunch: Jam or left over fish cake sandwiches

Dinner: Veg and lentil pies… filling as well as pocket friendly

Afters/ baking: Ginger and date cake


Breakfast: Toast

Lunch: Sandwiches… of what ever is available

Dinner: Lancashire hot pot with seasonal vegetables

Afters/ baking: toffee apple pudding


Breakfast: Weetabix

Lunch: Hopefully some leftovers, if not then what ever is available… thankfully we’ve seen the last of the cup’a’soup circa 2001.

Dinner: Baked carrot and onion Pie (with bacon)

Afters/ baking: left over baking from earlier in the week


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