Jingle Jingle something fa la laa la and his big red nose

I know its September… but most of us have at least told ourselves ‘I should Pinned Image
really start putting bits away for Christmas’. Every blog I read is telling me how to wrap and where to get it, Supermarkets start putting out their plastic bags from last year with Santa racing across, and the kids TV channels start pumping out more adverts for toys most people cant afford.

No… it’s not too early to start planning for Christmas. In fact, I think I may have left it a but late.

We’re lucky in a sense that the ‘Experiment’ decided quite allot for us. From food consumed to décor and presents.

By Christmas 1940 the rations were in and the idea of a lush family Christmas at home with all the bells and whistles was only a dream. People still have fond memories of those times, so I don’t see why we cant have a ‘Budget but Brilliant’ Christmas in 2012.

Hopefully we’ll adopt a few 1940s ideas to keep it merry but not make our bank manager cry.

Aaaanyhoo, over the next few days we’ll be posting on how we plan to inject a bit of 1940’s frugality into our Christmas. The first instalment will be the biggie… Food!


3 responses to “Jingle Jingle something fa la laa la and his big red nose

  1. Really looking forward to your frugal Christmas posts.As a first time Christmas frugalist, I need all of the help I can get!

  2. Last year I spent way too much money on Christmas Eve dinner (for four) and Christmas Day dinner (for 16). While we ate leftovers for days and I don’t feel like the food was wasted, I am really looking forward to your upcoming posts on holiday thrift!

  3. Yes please the more frugal ideas the better ! Christmas should only come every two years then we would be able to save more in these difficult times.

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