Christmas prep post: Decorations and Entertainment on a budget

These cant be that difficult to make… might be fun though, I know I have a mountain of old bedding, fabric and old towels ready to throw… I may as well recycle them

I’m new to home made Christmas décor  Every year we seemed to buy new balls for the tree, a pack of 20, during the week the tree was up and during packing and storing a few would break, the following year we’d buy another pack and the same process would continue time after time year after year.

We now have a horse sized box (no really, Miss K’s pet whinnying pony came in it last Christmas) full of odd balls and tired tinsel.

We’re keeping it home made this year, as this is

A great idea for rapping paper. I plan to buy some brown paper on the cheap and the kids and I decorates it… a 6m roll generally costs just over £1

unnecessary expense we JUST DON’T NEED!

Soooo… We’re determined to keep decoration costs to a low almost nothing kind of budget. We still have a perfectly good tree from last year, and can make repairs/ add glitter/ renew ribbons on the old baubles. This year I plan to set the kids to work revamping and touching up the older bits and bobs. A little cheap glitter here, a little

Not a bad idea for a DIY advent calender

paint and ribbon there… all courtesy of my ever-growing craft bag.

Pluuuus I have a crafty idea for some no-sew Christmas bunting… is so daft but It entertains me… keeps me out of trouble.

The kids love making things, I’ll put them to work in late December making paper chains and threading popcorn instead of tinsel. Apart from paper making less mess than tinsel and… well… with popcorn you can eat the evidence or throw it out for the birds… We can make the chains/ decorations out of waste paper. I always collect a few free in store magazines for the recipes etc. They’ll make great paper chains and little

We have a BUCKET of buttons that were given to us because I thought I could do something with them… I mean they looked so useful. This is a great idea for any time of year

boxes for the Christmas tree. (which I’ll show you how to make soon… very easy and fun to make) <— Those little boxes and some free magazines form the basis of the advent calenders I’ll be making for the kids this year.

Another fun decorating idea is edible decorations… they can be hung as a wreath like in the photo or hung on the tree as decorations… yum any excuse for gingerbread. You don’t even have to pack them away after Christmas… just eat them.

Something I’d love to try is family names as decorations or hanging small wishes, prayers or nice thoughts on the tree. I read a brilliant blog post a few months ago on how to make your own chalk board paint… imagine 2 x 2 inch squares or stars (or any sort of shape really) painted in black or red or green or gold etc with nice messages to Santa or members of the family… perhaps something nice to family members who couldn’t be there. They could be hung around the house or on the Christmas tree. (will post on that too… plus some other nifty/ gifty ideas for chalk board paint… now dont get kinky!)

The chalk board paint idea is worth a post in itself so that’s definitely on the cards. Its SO CHEAP AND EASY to do and I plan to use the home made chalk paint when decorating the kids rooms.

Viewing/ entertainment…Hopefully we’ll get some good viewing on the telly this year… failing that I’ll whip out some bargains for the kids. I buy children’s/ family films on there for less than a pound each, and If that fails, Pound world have a series of remade classics like Aladdin, beauty and the beast etc for… well £1 per DVD.  I really don’t want to spend more than £5 on this, as I want to keep £5 aside for any charity shop board game bargains I might find.

I may sift through the old DVDs/CDs/ PC Games of the kids/ MrCs and sell a few between now and Christmas to fund the entertainment budget.

While I’m on the subject of budgets and shopping…


  • Shopping earlier really can save you money. The closer you get to

    Such a clever idea for a children’s countdown/ advent calender… and so easy to replicate. The children simply stick a blob of cotton wool on each day as it goes by until Santa has a full beard.

    Christmas the few promotions will be available at the supermarkets. They know that those who wait until the last few weeks in December will be forced to pay full price for what they want and need. Which is why I’m snaffling away the essentials now. The bottom drawer of the freezer has been cleaned out and is being packed with the meat/ veg for Christmas day. I’ll be buying the ingredients for the Christmas pud/ biscuits/ nibbles etc and making them in advance as well. Once in an airtight container they’ll keep until Christmas.

  • It’s tempting to roll on down to your local Supermarket and buy EVERYTHING you need for Christmas. In most modern stores you can do

    My knitting/ crochet skills are nowhere near this level… but its something I’d like to work on maybe for next winter…. I’d LOVE some crochet square blankets for all the beds… especially if I made them myself. P.S. dont underestimate how many people would also like one… if you have the gift… try selling your wares on ebay for a little extra lolly….they make great winter warmers!

    just that. You may think this is saving you time and money… but you might just save a few £$£$ if you shop around. The stores are all in fierce competition at Christmas… each wanting you to buy THEIR Christmas Turkey and Yule log. We love shopping at Aldi, don’t underestimate what you can find at bargain stores (like Netto, Aldi and Lidl), last year we bought a beautiful multi bird roast, veg and puddings there. They tasted just as good, if not better, than the big supermarket brands and we didn’t have to pay a fortune for it. They’re great for stocking fillers, snacks and tins for gifting.


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