This weeks menu… I’m all about the eclectic…but…

The thing about Mondays (the day before shopping day) is that it tends to be a bit mix and match. With all the best intentions and planning, sometimes there just isn’t allot left in the kitchen to eat. The upside tonight being that since MrC and I are making late night pies for tomorrow, we thought we’d make some jam tarts with leftover pastry and the last of the jam.   The downside to rationing is that little panic I get on a Monday afternoon… have I got enough to feed the kids. So far the answer has always been yes, even if the meal was a little eclectic. Thus the mad pie prepping going on in casa de ration tonight!


Lunch – Shopping day so lunch on the go, K and N eating hot school meals.

Dinner – Pies glorious pies… we made up a batch of liver and bacon and popped it in the freezer. We seemed to have a load of bacon in the freezer last week and the liver at Tescos is so cheap… also OFF RATION.

Afters – Caramel and Semolina Mould NEW RECIPE

Extra baking: Gypsy creams for the week, experimenting with sweet mince meat (as in mice pie filling)


Lunch – Haricot soup NEW RECIPE

Dinner – Home made pizza… with cheese, ham and any veggies MrC and I can get away with.

Afters – Baked raisin cake pudding NEW RECIPE


Lunch – Leftover Haricot soup and home made bread

Dinner – Veggie night – Pathfinder pudding

Afters – Bread Pudding

Extra baking – oaty flapjack bars… these went down a storm.


Lunch – Potato soup NEW RECIPE

Dinner – Fish and seasonal veg… what exactly we do with the fish will depend on what fish we can get our hands on.

Afters – Steamed sponge pudding NEW RECIPE


Lunch – Sandwiches

Dinner – Meat balls and vegetables

Afters – fairy cakes…. with the weather being chilly thought I might keep the kids and their hollow legs occupied.


Lunch – something light… big dinner coming!

Dinner – Minced beef, seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire puddings

Afters – Dark stick Gingerbread… MrCs new favourite


Lunch – leftovers

Dinner – Vegetable casserole

Afters – What ever hasn’t been consumed over the week… failing that I may whip up a sponge, rations permitting.


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