I’m a Locavore I’ll have you know!

Locavore <— an eater/ buyer of locally produced/ grown foods. That said, my Idea of local is the UK… which is quite a range. I was reading an article on how eating seasonable can help you loose weight when it occurred to me… If I was to eat what’s available only in our ACTUAL locality… what would I be eating?

Click HERE for Why Eating in Season Can Help You Lose Weight article. I thought, as most will, it has something to do with nutrients being at their best when fruit/ vegetables are in season… but the answer is actually simpler. You try something out of season, its watery/ completely tasteless, you throw it away and grab a kebab… or something more flavourful and calorie ridden vowing to start dieting tomorrow. <— Don’t shake your head… we’ve all done it!

Anyway back to locality and eating… what grows up here? You know I haven’t actually got a clue. I know we have local Butchers… who get their meat from the local abattoir. Veggies and fruit come from York and the surrounding area… um mm that’s local ish right (same county)??

But that’s not everything… is it! There’s our milk, bought bread, dried fruit, ham, bacon, lard, butter, cheese, sweets, anything tinned, cereals etc I know they come from within England, but where? If our butter has to travel by van all the way up from Cornwall to Cleveland, is it still local? Whats the environmental impact of that van?

You could tie yourself up in knots ‘what if-ing’… and I’m sure Cornish butter is far better health and environmental wise than importing it from Timbuktu… but… what worried me was that I didn’t know or think as to where it all came from.

Perhaps for my own peace of mind I need to look at the grocery list of items and see what I can buy LOCALLY. Milk? Ham? Lard? Bacon? Cheese? Butter? Bread is a cheat… because I KNOW I can do that myself… pure laziness! What else could I actually make myself???


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