Just in case you were wondering… Eating costs too much!

As you can see this is what I spent today on the shopping. First at Aldi, and then at the Supermarket. I like shopping at Aldi, contrary to a recent Radio 2 broadcast the staff are always on hand, friendly, helpful and the store is always clean. I also have NEVER been asked am I new to ALDI because of the way I dress.

The items I highlighted in orange on the receipt are items I want to do some research on… can I get them anywhere else for less. I’m not a great or enthusiastic ‘shopper’ as such, but I will walk to Timbuktu if it means I get 10 pence off the price of butter.  Its not that I’m tight… I just don’t like having to pay more for something I can easily get for less… I think its a waste and utterly pointless. Now if its snowing, hailing, fire balls, flooding or chucking it down with rain… then I consider that 10 pence well spent!

Obviously there are things on there that are not food type groceries, they still have to be bought regularly but not every week.

All the veg is from within the UK… if its not I don’t buy it…which is why I sadly walk past all the plums and peel-able oranges <— haven’t had one since we started rationing 😦

I couldn’t resist puff pastry at 85p a roll… Puff pastry is a swine to make and can take 2 days to do if you want to do it well.

So I bought the last two rolls and popped them in the freezer… for another time.

Just FYI, my hair is silky, smooth and manageable.

Not one to speak ill of Supermarket chains #Cough but these places are getting so expensive.

Some apples, reduced price pastry, cheap bread, and golden syrup (pricier every time I buy it) and some shampoo… and squash which technically only miss E is entitle to (under rationing) … but all the kids get it really.

£31.51 was the total for the week.#Not Happy That said, if you take away the overpriced shampoo, none edibles and the pastry I wouldn’t normally have bought that’s a more respectable £21.24… not sure the budget police will go with that though…

… you live you learn… and now with flake free hair :D.


6 responses to “Just in case you were wondering… Eating costs too much!

  1. For Pantene, you might want to check your local £1 shop. Ours is currently doing Pantene, Herbal Essenses and Twisted Sista shampoo for £1 each.

    • OOh what a marvellous idea <— I didn't think of that. We have a couple of pound shops… I might have a browse around on the weekend while Master N is spending his birthday money 😀 Frugally of course lol

  2. I have yet to find butter any cheaper than at Aldi – and as it freezes well, I’ll try and stock up on a few extra bricks for Christmas baking. Jam for 29p is a real bargain – it almost makes it silly to make my own [but I like the different flavours of home-made, and the pices of fruit] I am able to get cheaper free range eggs from a local farm sometimes. – but I think your shopping bill is excellent [we wont mention the P*****e shampoo!]
    And yes, Golden Syrup IS going up in price! I think it is because they have been paying graphic designers to design all those new tins.

    blessings xx

    • We buy the mixed fruit jam in the winter (its gorgeous… great in cakes and baked in tarts)…. its cheaper than making your own… Thats a point… someone around here MUST keep hens or know someone who does.

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