Living to a 1940’s ethos… this is NOT a lifestyle diet!

When you hear the word diet you don’t initially think health, wealth and happiness. You think fads and what you’ll have to do without. Maybe there’s a way to get away with eating what I want/ living the lifestyle I like and weigh less/ pay less. Its like going on a low fat diet after living of junk food and then trying to convince yourself there’s a way you can still eat your chocolate cake without gaining the pounds. People look at our experiment (and others like it) as a sort of lifestyle diet.

– It sounds different — Huh? Because no ones done it before? Ummm yes they have… WW2 – Does that mean you’re not eating much/ eating strange things? aaah nope still eating regular wholesome food.

– Do you dress and live like you’re in a time warp. No, we’re just adopting a way of thinking. Waste not want not, don’t buy what you don’t need and so on. Old ideas that have been forgotten in the last few generations.

The same goes for ‘cutting back’. Its the same sort of word as diet… what I’m I going to lose, what am I going to miss. Its the misuse of a word really. Your diet is what you consume not what you’re missing out on. Cutting back means to lose excess baggage you don’t need not what you love. Bear in mind though, there is a vast difference between what you want, and what you need.

The rations as dictated by the ministry of food were not plucked out of the air. They were meticulously planned and worked out by experts and nutritionists from all over the country.  They are based on what an average sized adult or child NEED per day to function and remain healthy.

Today, our lifestyles are most definitely different from those in the 1940’s. We’re not as active as our 1940’s counterparts for one thing, there was no time for a gym membership, men and women either fought or work from the moment they got up until they went to sleep. The concept of ‘me time’ was foreign and unpatriotic.

As much as I appreciate how hard their lives were then… I’m more than a little glad we have our modern conveniences, like a fridge freezer, microwave and oven. We have central heating, hot and cold running water and carpeting. All things that the 1940’s housewife would have killed for I’m sure. The 1940’s woman’s idea of time saving invention was a stackable steamer and ‘just add water’ gravy granules. Now our lives seem to be dedicated to labour/ time saving devises… why, what are we doing with all that saved time?

I cannot repeat enough… audit how you live and how you spend regularly. We’re constantly making edits and working on how we can live better… not just cheaper… BETTER. A better quality of life. You can’t put a price on that.

I can’t help giggling as I watch this clip below… not sure feminism needs help like this! LOL


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