With the real sausage hotpot please stand up…

We haven’t had sausages in AGES. Mainly because they were hard to get during the war, andHomemade Sausage Breakfast Sausage when you did get them the quality wasn’t always so good. (mainly meal and goodness knows). Gratefully we have stricter regulations today for the meat in sausages, and before I get comments saying they’re made using all sorts of animal body parts and intestines… they’re not. Not any more at least. The skins are synthetic (but edible obviously) and the contents are as stated on the packaging… no hidden bits. The synthetic skins are now made of things like the collagen from beef or pig hides, Cellulose from cotton linters or in some cases plastic casings. I bet you feel SOOOOO much better now. [grins]

Anyhooo… Today’s been a little on the busy side, so I wanted a cheats hotpot really, something simple and quick. So…

  • I grilled up 12 everyday sausages from ALDI (the cheap as chips variety)
  • While the sausages were grilling fry some onion… yummm
  • Wait until the onion has started to soften before adding a good pinch of mixed herbs and a crushed chicken stock cube.
  • Add the tin of beans (2 tins is better) and a pinch of sugar.
  • Once your bean mix has warmed through add the sausages, chopped roughly into sixths.
  • Season to taste. I didn’t add any salt, just pepper at this point… as the stock cube generally makes it salty enough.
  • Now, depending on taste and what you have available, you can add things like, fresh tomatoes, tomato or Worcester sauce…. why not add some pulses (soaked over night) or vegetables like carrots, cabbage or other greens like chopped green beans or peas.

Some hot pot inspiration…

A Richmond sausage recipe

A gorgeous Recipe from Netmums

Sainsburys live well for less Recipe

A Recipe from MyDish.com 

Sausage, pumpkin and sage casserole <— Gorgeous… definitely going to try this next time!!!

The hairy bikers sausage casserole

Bacon and sausage stew with beans <— The greens look amazing in this… this recipe has to go on the list of TODO’s

I bet you’re hungry now.


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