This weeks 1940’s inspire menu…

With both Christmas and Halloween approaching I’ve been on the look out for anything I can up-cycle or re-purpose this last week. Halloween is one day, so why spend a fortune on decoration.

Over this week and next week I’ll be collecting bits and posting some frugal crafts for the spooky holiday as well as posting some DIY links for those really avid halloweeners.


  • Breakfast is one of: Weetabix (if points allow), porridge, cornflakes (if points allow) or toast
  • Lunch can vary depending on who is at Work/ School etc. On weekdays MrC eats at work, K & N eat cooked school lunches and little miss E eats lunch with me after Nursery. This can vary from an Oslo meal or sandwiches to soup or a cheeky pasty/ sausage roll while out shopping.


    • Dinner – Tortilla wraps
    • Afters – gypsy creams (by request)


    • Dinner – Wellies
    • Afters – Blancmange – The proper way and the cheat way.


    • Dinner – Veggie night
    • Afters – Lemon tart


    • Dinner – Fish and chips
    • Afters – Brown betty


    • Dinner – Mushroom and cheese pies
    • Afters – Prune pudding


    • Dinner – Sloppy Joes
    • Afters – A good old sponge pudding (1 egg)


    • Dinner – Mix and Match Monday – It’s the day we use the last of the rations. We’ve eaten eggs and spaghetti before on the odd occasion… yummy
    • Afters – Mix and Match Monday – This will depend on what rations are left, as this is the last day before we go shopping.

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