A little bit of genius to get us over the weekend…

Because we’re all bout the make do and mend… well most of the time, I thought I’d post this little bit of pure genius I found the other week…

I enjoy reading blogs and DIY posts… most of anything I think I can have a go at myself. This I couldn’t resist. We had a couple of sets of place mats and coaster (the kind backed with cork/ board). They don’t seem to last very long… the picture on the front I mean. Then they just start to look tatty and worn.

So, the above in mind this idea seemed pretty neat. Paint them with chalk board paint and make chalk board place mats/ coasters.

Blackboard paint can be pricey costing anything from £6 to £8 per 500ml.

We wanted a bit more mileage from our mix… so we made it ourselves… and heres the recipe…

Recipe for paint enough for 2 mats and 2 coasters (1 really liberal coat):

  1. 1/2 tea spoon tile grout
  2. 1 table spoon of acrylic paint
  3. Old place mats/ coasters etc

Sand the surface… the paint mix needs something to adhere to… the coasters/ place mats I was using had melamine tops… I sanded these down well first.

Mix the grout and paint, the finer the grout the smoother the mix.

Paint the first coat on quite liberally and then leave it to dry completely/ over night before applying another 1 to 2 coats of the mix.

We bought 2.5kg of grout… so we’ll either be tiling or painting black boards in every house in the street.

I also have some green paint and red paint for the other set of mats/ coasters, thinking of doing something Christmassy.

This helps towards our Christmas decoration as well as just a good old fashioned nifty idea. I’d love to paint on the kids wall with this. Not all over, just a few shapes for them to draw on.

Miss K suggested I paint some dolls on the walls, sort of like paper doll figures… the girls can then draw on their clothes with chalk or leave notes for each other.

This home made chalk board paint has SOOOOO many applications… the only limit is your imagination!



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