What do you really NEED? Some things to ponder on this weekend!

One of the reasons I love YouTube is that you can find so much on there from documentaries to real people uploading information, tutorials and general how to’s …. heres what I’ve been watching this morning…

I just love this…I’d love to stay some where like this on holiday for a week…

How many objects do you own… how many things do you have… can you count them? I can’t… lost count long ago… food for thought.

This video is a bit drastic but you get the idea…

Ummm well… wow…we’re not the only crazies #NiceToKnow

But if you want impresive check this couponing mother out… #JealousMuch … and yes it does “make one feel inferior”

This next clip is just good old fashioned sense when it comes to making clothing last longer… I can’t help giggling at it though 😀


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