Our half term Menu and Battle Plan for the week

Tuesday 30th October

In the AM we’re out shopping. This is our first attempt at 100% LOCAL local and not buying things like fruit, veg and meat from ALDI. We have 3 or 4 butchers within spitting distance of each other so we have NO excuse! Keep it local people!

After shopping we’re whipping the kids up to the local museum… they have a Halloween trail (free) in the museum and then some spooky crafts in the pavilion. I also HAVE TO start using up that pumpkin in the kitchen before it waltzes out the door… its already looking a little iffy but I don’t like to waste what I can salvage.

Breakfast – Cereal

Lunch – Some bought sausage rolls on the go

Dinner – Home made pizza

Afters – Pumpkin muffins

Wednesday 31st October

AM Its tidy up time…got a busy evening ahead… along with some spooky crafts… I bought 50 paper plates on sale at Asda the other week for 50p… probably can get the same value if not better at pound world/ shop… plus this is my last window for Halloween baking… batty biscuits

PM making play dough… and Christmas decorations… just need the dough recipe [coming soon] and some string or ribbon… might have to source out some Christmassy cookie cutters… or just make our own weird and wacky tree balls.

Breakfast – toast and jam

Earlier Lunch – sandwiches and some

Dinner –  Liver and vegetable pie <– Offally good #DOH!

Afters – Batty biscuits…and other sweeties.

Thursday 1st November

AM Got to get the house hold bits done quickly and the kids entertained… I’m an entrant in NaniWriMo… and I’m soooo nervous.

PM Time to start plotting and planning for bonfire night… what a pity its on the same day the kids all go back to school #ThatsJustDaft

Breakfast – cereals

Lunch – Sandwiches… which if I have any sense… I’ve pre-made  wrapped and popped in the fridge along with snacks.

Dinner – Diced beef and seasonal veg with Pumpkin and rosemary savoury muffins

Afters – MrC’s favourite Dark sticky ginger bread

Friday 2nd November

AM By now the kids are getting a little fractious… perhaps a trip to the arcade in town with our large bottle of pennies will entertain them #HopeSpringsEternal… I’ll take a photo of our new ‘vertical pier’ for you all… I think they decided its called The Beacon… not the name MrC and I thought up for it #WinkWink

PM Crafty time… practising Christmas boxes in day light (kids love these) and little ones for kids advent calenders after they go to bed…. plus want to start sanding down the other set of place mats and coasters… I’ve got some bright green and red paint to make them into chalkboard place mats and coasters. (red and green being Christmassy… well that’s some of the table décor sorted for the 25th of December)… aaaand NanoWriMo

Breakfast – cereals… Master N loves his weetabix… where as the girls prefer cornflakes.

Lunch – A cheeky pasty or something from the local bakery <– hey I’m just keeping it local #Grins

Dinner – Fish and chips

Afters – Pumpkin pie… if there’s pumpkin left… If not… then a lemon tart

Saturday 3rd November

AM We can have a day off… well almost… there’s still the kids uniforms to get ready for Monday… and any unfinished home work.

PM Experiment… I have it in my head that I want to try making my own wall paper… and this seems like the perfect free evening to try out my lino carving skills 😀

Breakfast – Pancakes and syrup

Lunch – Eggy bread… eggs permitting, failing that beans on toast… or failing that jam sandwiches.

Dinner – Veggie meal <<< not sure what yet… watch this space

Afters – Carrot cake with carrot chutney

Sunday 4th November

AM A trip round to Nana and Granddads before lunch… the kids will need the walk… hope it doesn’t rain #Crossing fingers

PM Time for me to put together any parcels I’ll be sending abroad as some can take up to 2 months to get to their destination. #RuddySouthAfricanPostalSystem <– I’ll have to wait until I get paid on Tuesday to mail them off but I know they’re ready and done now!

Breakfast – Cereals or toast

Lunch – Sandwiches… don’t want to be too full come dinner time… although, with these three lean mean eating machines… I doubt that could ever happen <<< I was talking about the kids BTW.

Dinner – minced beef and seasonal vegetables… with Yorkshire puddings… and not a pumpkin in sight #ThankGawd

Afters – A good old 1 egg sponge … filling dependant on what’s available

Monday 5th November

AM Kids to school #Yay and I’m cleaning house/ still taking part in NanoWriMo (and will be all this month… should have a side bar up soon so you can follow my progress)

PM Too cold to sit out and appritiate any fire works from outside… will have to squeeze onto our big bed with some hot chocolate and watch them #PfftLiquidsOnMyCreamCarpetsIDontThinkSo

Breakfast – Cereals or toast

Lunch – Back to the Oslo meal

Dinner – Pick and mix Monday… ie whatever is in the cupboards

Afters – Ditto (as above)

And that’s the week ahead of us… I’m just praying it doesn’t rain us in…. have I left anything out???


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