Half term is not the time to start things…

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag success wise… it was our first 100% local day and it didn’t get off to a great start.

The town was heaving, the wind was icy, the kids got bored and the meat and veg got heavy… so after an hour or more not being able to find a local shop I could by tins and baking bits from… I quit and took the shivering kids (and a frazzled me home)… this is really something I should have attempted next week… Kid free.

I’ll have to get the other bits I didn’t get yesterday at ALDI this week… and do some more research for NEXT Tuesday (shopping day). On the bright side… we have a LOAD of gorgeous LOCAL local fruit and veg.

How do you keep the kids busy during half term while you’re out and about?

The museum was a success, MrC and I are exhausted, but the kids had a great time… chasing down Halloween images and getting a sweetie prize at the end.

While we were there MrC and I picked up a whole load of inexpensive goodies…

(not pictured are 2 glorious vintage rail posters, a brilliant book about Joe Coles Experience of the War and 4 beautiful Joe Cole Prints << will be framed soon)

We bought the WW1 and WW2 kids books (seen at the back), Cooking for Victory (A prize in out competition), an OXO postcard, and a brilliant book entitled ‘Grandma knows Best, Practical advise that has stood the test of time’ …

… I plan to glean some gems out of there 😀 It has everything from what to do with items you’d other wise throw away to natural beauty alternatives and recipes from the past. My favourite bit is the section on what to plant and what to harvest each month. I will definitely have to do a ‘Grandma says…’ series soon.

Did you’re Grandmother impart any pearls of wisdom to you? 


2 responses to “Half term is not the time to start things…

  1. Do get them involved in making Christmas things, We used to prepare ‘thank you’ postcards in the Oct Half Term – so after the festivities it was easy for them to send off their TY notes to family. [MY Gran started me on that in the 1960s]
    Have you got a shopping trolley?? makes lugging heavy stuff home SO much easier. I got mine because it was such a way from Leicester market to the nearest Bus Stop [or car park] and my arms couldn’t manage it. AND the kids will enjoy ‘driving ‘ it
    hope rest of week goes well for you all [and weather not too bad]
    blessings xx

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