Frugal is to Tight as …. aaaah what the heck I’m just easily entertained!

I posted this picture on our Facebook/ Twitter earlier in the week asking you all to guess what I was going to make with this rather uninteresting empty cauliflower packet… and here it is. The cauliflower was from ALDI.

Not very inspirational to look at. Now at first the only things I could thing of were liners for potted plants or cutting it into strips and knitted the kids some chest waders (joking…um although…), however, as I mutilated a packet the answer came to me…

Can you see it yet?

Its a flag (grins). I cut down either side of the packet and opened it out… originally just to have a look at it… but as soon as I had it flat out it I could see it… Christmas bunting!

I cut the flag and the little ‘100% British’ label out… that I’ll use later for another crafty project.

I collected a few more of these over a few weeks… they’re on the bottom of all the cauliflower and some of the cabbages at ALDI which we buy at least 2 of (each) per week.

Waterproof, next to zero cost, wipe clean, compact, easy to make, no sewing, disposable or reusable bunting for all your Christmas, armistice/ veterans day/ remembrance Sunday, jubilee and coronation needs. <— or if you’re like Master N and just have a thing about the Royals.

Little Miss E modelling the bunting all laid out on the lounge floor.

We bought some raffia last week (3 rolls for £1 at Wilkinsons) for gift wrapping, this was perfect for stringing the ‘bunting’ up. The holes were already in the plastic so no more cutting was necessary. #Perfect!

And this is just an example of how you can find extraordinary things in rather ordinary places.

I’m chuffed with it… but then simple things entertain me :))


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