This weeks menu… and what we’ve got cooking #KeepsUsOutOfTrouble

Juuuust in case you were wondering about any new links/ tabs showing up on the website… we have a few new series/ sections starting soon.

Waste not want not… is going to be a six part series (Wednesdays) on ways to recycle/ up-cycle and reuse basic (would normally throw) items instead of giving them the boot. You can find this section at the top of the page as of Wednesday the 7th November.

Keep calm and Keep it local…is going to be a section about keeping it local and preserving the high street. We’ve also had a bit of fun with some WW2 propaganda. You will be able to access this on the right of the home page soon… still under construction.

We’re working on a decorating series at the moment… we’re still awaiting information from various sources… but its coming along and should be ready to start soonish. <— We’re excited 😀

We have a few more ideas in the pot … but you’ll have to wait and see… we like to keep you guessing.

Aaaanyhoo, heres this weeks rationing menu

Breakfast is a choice of cereals (weetabix or cornflakes), toast or porridge

Lunch is hot school meals for K and N, MrC eats at work, and little miss E and myself eat at home… usually an Oslo style meal… or soup for me if I’ve had a chance to make any.


Dinner: Ham, cheese and salad/ vegetable tortillas

Afters: Easy Peasy no egg chocolate brownies


Dinner: Proper Pork and Beans

Afters: either a ginger cake or a good old one egg sponge 🙂


Dinner: Veggie night <<<<<< Cheesy broccoli pasta bake

Afters: We’ll be trying out a sweet mince meat recipe… a taste test for December… any excuse LOL


Dinner: Fish and chips

Afters: no bake chocolate brownie bites


Dinner: Spam Hash…IT CAN BE DONE!

Afters: Our take on Churros


Dinner: Somerset Pork and seasonal local veg… because the novelty of beef is wearing a bit thin… and we fancy a change.

Afters: no egg jam roly poly


Dinner: Mix and Match… or basically anything we have left in the cupboards 😀

Afters: As above!


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