Waste Not Want Not – Part 1 – What will time team make of us in 500 years?

We produce millions of tonnes of waste each year and sadly very little of this is recycled or composed… most of it ends up in land fills. We all know we should recycle/reuse or re-purpose as much as we can but how many of us do?

We seem to have lost that wartime ethos of ‘waste not want not’ in favour of a quick fix. I’m a prime example of  ‘ I’m not having boxes and bags filling up my kitchen for two weeks waiting for the recycling truck to arrive ‘…or… ‘There are no recycling points anywhere near us, not my fault/ problem’. Now I know there are as many excuses as there are days in the week! These are just the two that are thrown around Casa de Ration far too often.

One of the joys of Rationing for us was the sudden drop in house hold waste. We have an average sized (NOT the large one) green refuse bin and what we throw away fills it now without over flowing into half a dozen black bags… GREAT! But could we do more?  Why bother?

“Landfill is harmful to the environment and expensive. As available space for landfill runs out the cost for more space rises.” WASTE NOT WANT NOT by MYRIAD

Glass, although easily recyclable, does not decompose. Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose. Packaging is a big expense generally… hundreds of thousands are spent on packaging our food each year, only for us to rip it off and throw it away. ANOTHER reason to buy local. Our fruit/ small veg comes in paper packets which we reuse. Our larger veg comes in one huge heavy duty clear bag… which, so far, is used for everything from bin liners to garden refuse…. cut open its also great as a floor/ furniture protector when painting and easily washed afterwards.

SO…. in the spirit of 40’s frugality and generally waste free living … over the next few weeks we plan to do a short series on ways to cut down waste… ways to re-use, re-purpose and recycle things we all throw away and take for granted.


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