Waste Not Want Not – Part 2 – Paper & Cardboard

Cards can be easy re-purposed as gift tags so

think twice before throwing old birthday/ Easter  Christmas cards away.

Cardboard boxes can be re-used in so many ways… As dust covers, place mats (decorate as you like then ‘laminate’ with sticky back plastic… so easy to wipe down), Trays or as a magazine tidy (and loads more).

Click this images to see awesome original posts on recycling cards and cardboard. 

Egg boxes/ egg trays make brilliant Christmas ornament tidies. They’re also great for fire starters, golf ball tidies, seed trays or even jewellery/ little treasure storage. Kids seem to collect all sorts of its, bits, stones and little trinkets that need corralling and organising. Why not start a collection?

We’re collecting our egg boxes for seeds/seedlings … the joy of egg boxes is that they decompose as well when watered.

Juice/ Milk Cartons (not the plastic kind)… cut a hole into the carton halfway down and remove the excess cardboard… so the birdies can get inside… then push a twig or skewer into the carton, under the hole for the birds to perch on. Add some string and you can hang it from any tree …… voilà… a bird feeder!

Cut the juice carton about half way down and cover with material or paper of your choice to create a bespoke pen tidy for your home office.

Clean out the carton thoroughly and its perfect for holding small amounts of paint for small paint jobs…. plus it will save you having to carry around a large tin.

Kitchen roll/ toilet roll/ cardboard tubes… Wrap your Christmas lights around a cardboard tube to keep them tangle free. Push the end with the plug inside one end of the tube and work your way along the length, wrapping the lights carefully and fixing with masking tape to stop unravelling.

Extension cord tidy… This works better with a kitchen roll tube and works in two ways to ensure that your cables don’t get all tangled up when you are not using them. You can either wrap the extension cord around the length of the tube then put the ‘plug’ end in the tube to secure it, or alternatively fold the extension cord back and forth in around 10 inch lengths and push inside the tube.

Its great as a drawer tidy as well .. cut it into 3 -4 inch sections and put into your drawers to stop items getting tangled.

Other nifty ideas for tubes are… nail varnish tidies, paper/ poster storage, sapling protector, socks/ stockings/ tights storage…and my favourite… seed planter. Like egg boxes they decompose easily when watered… so you don’t have to remove and disturb the tiny seedling… just plant the whole tube out.


Newspaper has soooo many uses…. bird cage liner (makes it easier to clean), Protection while painting, window cleaning, paper logs, to deodorize food containers (scrunch up and fill containers to remove lingering odours), coasters, frost protection for small plants, to ripen tomatoes (wrap unripe tomatoes individually in the paper and leave at room temp), shoe dryer and deodorizer weed suppressant (mulch as a barrier to weeds  and gift wrapping to name a few.


2 responses to “Waste Not Want Not – Part 2 – Paper & Cardboard

    • It can become an illness though lol…. I find myself racking my brains for what I can do with things before I throw them away…The top of my fridge is covered in interesting looking jars and cardboard I have plans for…. and plastic spoons LOTS of plastic spoons LOL

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