This weeks menu… just a quickie

This is just a quickie post with menu as Master N and Little miss E aren’t very well (bad tummy) and could yell for me at any second… heres this weeks menu

Tuesday – Affectionately known as Ham and cheese night… think we’re going to keep it simple and stick to ham and cheese toasties tonight, especially as it’s our busiest day in the week. I’ll make a quick and simple blancmange tonight for afters… what with all the poorly tummies in the house.


Wednesday – Something Veggie…haven’t decided this one yet… I’m soooo behind in everything this week. For pud I think we’ll have to inject some chocolate as a treat, just incase the veggie meal doesn’t do so well.


ThursdayMeatballs, pasta and seasonal veg… purely because I have leftover pasta tubes. Cinnamon roll cookies for pud I think, found a brilliant recipe the other day and I’m dying to try it… plus any leftovers will fill out the rather empty biscuit tin.


FridayFish and chip night, as popular now as it was in the 1940’s. Some good old gypsies to follow.


SaturdayBacon and egg tartlet’s … I have the bacon and Im not afraid to use it! Sweet mince meat recipe testing take 2!


SundayMinced beef and seasonal vegetables… maybe some Yorkshire pudding chasers… and of course a 1 egg sponge


MondayMix and match, cupboard diving Monday!




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