Waste Not Want Not – Part 3 – Plastic

Useful Hints & Tips – Plastic

There are a numerous household uses for carrier bags, plastic bottles and containers, but make sure they are all thoroughly cleaned before use. Please see below a few of the possibilities for reusing and recycling your plastics:


  • Plastic bags
    Hang a carrier bag from the taps of your bath to create storage for bath toys. Make a small hole in the bottom to allow water to drain and stop taps from going mouldy.
  • Boot Waterproofs
    Make sure that feet are kept dry in your boots or wellies. After you’ve put your socks on, put each foot in a carrier bag before you slip your boots on to give added waterproof protection. Alternatively, if your boots are wet when you need to put them on, put carrier bags over your feet to keep them dry.
  • Frost Protector
    If a cold night is predicted, place a carrier bag over the wing mirrors on your car and secure. In the morning your mirrors will be frost free.
  • Poop bags
    Be a responsible dog owner and carry bags with you when you are out walking to use to clean up after your pet. Take two bags – one to use as a ‘glove’.
  • Shopping
    If you’re an avid Aldi/ bargain store shopper, why pay for new plastic bags when you can reuse old ones…. better yet invest in some heavier duty woven bags and use them to carry your shopping home. <<< I bought a few of the big blue Aldi bags and use them for my shopping each week…. they’re also great for lumping washing around the house and to the washer.
  • Get crafty
    As a tot my mother crocheted little sun hats for me out of supermarket packets… they were waterproof and lasted well.


  • Drinks cooler
    When the sun beats down and you are having a barbeque or party in the garden to ensure that you have lots of cold drinks try the following: Fill about a dozen plastic bottles with water and freeze them overnight. Put the frozen water bottles into a large bucket and add your drinks cans or bottles. The ice in the buckets will take longer to melt than if you just use normal ice cubes in the bucket and as the thawing ice is contained in the bottles it means that you can control the disposal of this, rather than have water slopping around in a bucket which could be a potential hazard.
  • Piggy bank
    Decorate a bottle with paint or fabric of your choice. Cut a slit in the neck of the bottle, large enough to drop coins through. When the bank is full, cut around the bottom to release your coins.


  • Dog dish
    Rinse and clean a plastic container and keep it in the back of your car to create a portable water bowl.
  • Drawer tidy
    Rinse clean a plastic container and use it to store odds and ends in your drawers. Great for storing cosmetics, nail varnishes or sewing materials.


  • Water tray
    Put lids underneath your house plants to act as a water tray, allowing plants to remain moist but your surfaces to be kept dry.
  • Coasters
    Protect your surfaces by using lids as coasters, but be careful not to put anything too hot on them as this may cause the plastic to melt.

Ingenious uses for house hold junk…

  1. Zip bottle pencil cases
  2. Recycle old plastic packets to make a crochet shopping bag 
  3. Crocheted plastic bag coasters
  4. recycled plastic plant pot tutorial
  5. Need 100 ways to use up magazines?
  6. Plastic bottles into earrings

2,000 IKEA hangers upcycled into dynamic chromatic screen room divider.

canoe and life vests made of plastic bottles


One response to “Waste Not Want Not – Part 3 – Plastic

  1. I made a scoop for the dog biscuits using a plastic bottle- but I had never seen the ‘dustpan’ idea – that’s very neat.
    And I went to the link for the zip pencil case and LOVED that site – that’s going onto my favourites list now!
    Thank you!!

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