Are you getting yours?

Not sure really whether to feel sad or generally disgusted by the latest article saying that although 85% of the British population know they should aim for at least 5 a day… a whopping 70% don’t ‘manage’ it.

According to Sainsburys latest statistics a stonking quarter of us think chips (potatoes) count as one of your five a day… they don’t. #TheyreACarb

Price was one of the reasons people gave for not reaching their quota every day. Fruit can be expensive… our favourite way to get around this before rationing was with ALDI’s super 6 (click to get link). Now with rationing our choice of fruits has dropped considerably… BUT that doesn’t mean we’re not getting our fill of vitamins and minerals. Green veg (any veg really) is an awesome source of what your body needs… Actually…more so in most cases than fruit.

Vegetables are also easier to sneak into meals. Most meals can be boosted with some sneaky veg… think about adding diced carrot, celery or peas to your Spag Bol…. or slice red/ green pepper… red onions are a tasty idea to add to most meats. My favourite side dish as a child was cooked red cabbage, onion and apple… tastes better than it may sound.  Our children are used to eating a variety of veg with their meals and hit the ‘5 a day’ limit in evening meals alone… but so many parents worry if their children are eating enough.

CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW MUCH A PORTION IS… this can come in helpful… remember you can’t get all 5 of your fruit/ veg per day from one type… like eating 5 apples or your own weight in carrots. Apart from chronic acid reflux or turning yellow you need a good variety of veg to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function.

Something to bear in mind if you’re the sort that seems to perpetually catch colds every couple of weeks all winter… or if you just can’t quite get that pep in your step.

Read the whole article in yahoo news HERE


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