Good News Rationers! Christmas means extra munchies!

Over Christmas Households received extra rations between about the 8th December/ 15th December and the 4th January. The downside was all coupons HAD TO BE USED over this period and could not be held back as they would no longer be valid after this period. This applied to regular food coupons over this period as well.

  • Sugar: An extra 1.5lbs (half of which will be demerara) [8th Dec to 4th Jan] Thats 24 ounces extra, which is a fair old bit… great for all the last minute baking… or, if you’ve baked ahead of December .. its great for just putting aside for when Jam making season comes around again.
  • Meat: An extra 8d worth (400g give or take) half of which had to be corned meat (NOT tinned) [15th Dec to 4th Jan] This is not THE most generous ration, BUT if you’re creative, its a corned beef or meat pie for boxing day (or make the pie and freeze it!)

    A bargain at 30p a bar

  • Vegetarians were allowed an extra 18oz of cheese for over this period. Diabetic Vegetarians were allowed and extra 36oz of cheese. Thinking of registering MrC or one of the kids as a diabetic vegetarian… the cheddar would be great for sandwiches over the holidays or better yet… frozen. Cheddar freezes well, just keep well wrapped. And when you want to use is, let it defrost with the wrapper/plastic wrap on, so the condensation forms on the wrap and not on the cheese. You can keep it in the freezer for several months. Grated is better as larger blocks can get a little crumbly when defrosting.
  • Chocolate and sweets: An extra half a lb was allowed for under 18’s and over 70’s (had to provide proof of age). [used only once of the above period] Drat! MrC and I miss this one by a fair whack. About 227grams… not a great deal BUT its enough to buy some mallow mice or a packed of chewy sweets or 2 large bars of stores own milk chocolate (or help towards the chocolate oranges I want to pop into the kids stockings.) FYI… If you’re feeling clever, you can make your own chocolate orange segments… heres the cheapest mould I can find LINK
  • The butter ration went from 2oz to 4oz but only every two weeks. [15th Dec to 4th Jan] Great for some luxury Christmas baking, storing for later, midnight hot buttered toast and Boxing day entertainment.

I’m sure you’re all so THRILLED at the above information.


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